For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I really hate people like that I had similar "frienemies" in junior high who were just two-faced bees. Honestly this is just an akari dick riding post but I think it's a response to all the shocking and unwarranted hate towards her that I have seen from some onces. Sign up for a new account in our community. Miihi and Mako are ready to begin, great performances, great voices, possible stars. Riria will only get better she has the potential once she loses some more weight her face will be really pretty. Exclusive distribution of audition program for Sony Music and JYP's joint project "Nizi Project" on Hulu from January 31st (Fri)! 9 Rio. She seems incredibly sincere. A Japanese news coverage of an unreleased Nizi Project teaser. Rima's father, Zeebra, seems to be a pretty famous Japanese rapper. They are worried that the Japanese people will be able to enjoy a modified J-pop rather than K-pop because they will be able to have opportunities to perform and appear on world stages. For NiziU content, please visit r/niziu! And there’s also girls2 and happiness still. they still won't debut in JYP's permanent group. It's pretty silly to assume her true personality from tv show. © OneHallyu 2020. Since she possibly has been eliminated, I highly doubt it. She has a power in her voice and a unique but soft tone that kind of shows that with training she actually does have potential to become a good vocalist. You can adjust your cookie settings, otherwise we'll assume you're okay to continue. Till then people need to chill on her. Powered by Invision Community. With the weeks of Nizi goodness that we’ve had, I like to think it’s given us an opportunity for us to know the girls better. Nina blue sweater is ugly, Rio got a glow up, Mako center of the pic the debut is secured, i hope Riku is going to get more fans she doesn't have much international support and we need a cute karateka! The reason of the biggest fight between Big Hit CEO and JYP CEO: Bang Shi Hyuk was so angry that he ran away from home! Targeted contestants for the audition of the Nizi Project are women who can speak Japanese fluently from the age of 15 to 22 starting in May this year. In September 2018, BTS also received criticism from the public and fans for their controversial collaboration with Yasushi Akimoto who is said to be “right-wing and female-depreciation”. Also JYP sees potential in Akari getting better, it would explain why he was a bit harsh on her in the 2nd evaluation since he had high expectations but didn't know that she was sick beforehand. The controversy intensified when the audition for the Nizi project was limited to “females who speaks Japanese fluently”. Even with several months of training i don't think the underdogs can become better than the favorites. Well it rings true with boy groups too. JYP sees her as more important to the group than we think. Sony Music and JYP Entertainment‘s survival program, Nizi Project, aired its final episode yesterday, and viewers finally got to see who the nine chosen members are! The Nizi project, which was ambitiously organized by JYP, has recently been embroiled in a controversy over its pro-Japanese rumors. The teaser has a short clip of Rima covering Irony and BGGG. Yeah a shame for Ririka, apparently she is already on another project "Orange Latte". Ayaka, a Suzy lookalike, pretty,  she did improve her dance but i don't expect her to become an ace, Hirai Momoka, a bit cute but to me she has very low skills i don't expect anything, Erina, she hasn't what it takes, not ugly but will never be popular her dance was all over the place, Nina, pretty, she has good energy and is very expressive, good voice, when she dances she sometimes lack grace and looks too tall, JYP was harsh ranking her 24th but it is probably part of his plan to make her learn faster, Oguri Kako, sometimes she looks good sometimes she looks average, her being the senior is a disavantage since she'll be opposed to Mako eventually, Sakurai Miu, the show producer's favorite since she reacts a lot, very expressive, her singing was not that good because she used a very difficult song in my opinion, an underdog to cheer on, Tanigawa Hina, cute but looks like she won't go any further, Top 14 that will go on to train. She denied and stated that the twitter rumor that was going around about her was bogus. where no matter how much they've improved, to the point of becoming the nation's Center or slaying in project grps  (Disclaimer: I’m Korean). The name "Nizi" is taken from the Japanese word "Niji" (虹, Rainbow). Yeah, the gossipy, judgemental side of fandom is irritating and doesn't interest me. JYP (and his staff) seemed to have a soft spot for her. I think that JYP noticed that and that's why she was the one he highly praised during the performance. The Nizi project that JYP is working hard on. Maybe that flies in Korea, where people are obsessed with perfection from the get-go. Contestants were to perform one singing audition and one dancing audition, to songs of their choice. Netizens are voicing out much criticisms, “I don’t know why Korean producers are raising Japanese trainees. There have been rumors going around among certain girls who made the NiZi Project lineup who will be training in Korea for debut. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. We make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability with respect to the website or the information, or related graphics contained on the website for any purpose. After finishing watching the episodes, in my opinion, Akari shows being a person who even with problems she doesn't want to show. Nizi Project has reached its concluding episode and announce the group name will be “NiZiU”. JYP was sometimes exasperating to me on Kpop star but he is really pertinent on Nizi project. Recently, on social networks, a set of both strange and familiar photos has been spread. You are using an out of date browser. JYPE has never cared that much about singing because it's easy to work around, while it's much harder to hide terrible dancing within an idol group. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. More posts from the niziproject community. “Inkigayo” Explains Why BTS was Not Nominated For 1st Place In Recent Episode. She got the fourth most amount of screentime of all the girls and she isn't even a JYP trainee or someone who's well known. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Her smile looks like it's going to shine brighter than ever. With that said, I am 100% with you on your assessment of Akari. Everyone always mentioning how akari didnt tell jyp she was in a hospital, but i aswell as probably akari have/had the same thought that if akari would have said about being in a hospital jyp would have turned it into a "dont give excuses here, u still could have practiced in the hospital". Maybe the sympathy card from when she got sick and he scolded her. Some of those anti-Akari folks may still cling to their conviction despite her coming out and addressing this (as that's how it works, it doesn't matter what she or anyone says), but hopefully most folks will just move on, especially now that she wasn't picked. He's just after pretty and charming girls that can dance decenet enough, singing is not something that the companies really cares about. Yeah, it's honestly crazy and frankly embarrassing that this could even be considered a scandal at all. Season One of Nizi Project focuses on the initial auditions, judged by J.Y. Hmmm. That said, is there anyone who’s surprised you or changed your … Its not an insult just a testament to the different training methods. IMO this stuff is so juvenile that I cannot take folks who wasted time on it seriously. Akari is a very genuine girl, she will be a very good idol, the humble and hardworking type. Her english skills! I hope she ends up in the final lineup. She seems incredibly sincere. Trainees who pass the audition will be given a chance to fulfill their dreams on the world stage with full support from JYP. E-girls maybe disbanding but LDH just recently start a new unit called iScream. Subreddit for the survival show Nizi Project. How hot is the JYP Japanese girlgroup – NiziU, the first MV reached 100 million views in just 2 months? I like her tone. You are using an out of date browser. I really hope kpop fans can rewire their expectations a bit more. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the niziproject community. She ranked much higher in the 2nd rankings (went from 13 to 5) Classic underdog narrative. Some of this fandom stuff I don't get at all. Well see if what he sees in her turns out to be true in Part 2 since she be trained. I can see it now though. Out of 10,000 auditionees, only 26 obtained a Nizi Cube.These cubes, in the shape of the Nizi Project square logo, have four hollow sections to them. RUMOR Candidates for JYP's Nizi Project. It shows her workethic and that she doesn't excuse any bad performance even if her excuse is legitimate.

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