The even less geographically available COM7 transport, only broadcasts from a few principal transmitting sites at significantly lower power than the other transports, carrying both commercial HDTV and commercial standard definition services. The channel was taken off Freeview to make space for. NEW: Save your preferred columns, types and muxes by bookmarking the link at the bottom of the page. Details of how to retune Freeview equipment will be in your user guide or at Presets Browse the Sky TV channel list and read our guide to each bundle. The SD channels continue to use H.262, which does not incur any additional transmission costs. I am doing something wrong, or the software is not yet able to recognize this information? does DVBViewer support LCN, Logical Channel Numbering?

Returned in May 2005 on channel 38 as part of the Freeview service. Since then a lot has changed. Some variations in programming for Wales & Northern Ireland.
There are over 60 standard definition DVB-T Freeview channels transmitted as part of the UK digital terrestrial television and 15 HD channels. Your workaround is useless.
The LCN and LCN-HD descriptors are at time used in all DVB-T2 and some DVB-T networks. Returned in March 2004 on channel 60 as a pay per view channel for Freeview and Top Up TV. Channel Name SD/HD LCN Home Channel 1 SD 100 Star Plus SD 101 ZEE TV SD 103 &tv SD 104 colors SD 105 DANGAL SD 106 Star Bharat SD 107 SET SD 109 ID SD 111 Big Magic SD 112 SONY SAB SD 113 ABZY Cool SD 114 Live Life Shatayupathy SD 115 ZEE ANMOL SD 116 d2h Positive SD 117 EZ MALL SD 118 bindass SD 120 In second one you have other channel type. How to Access the Channel List in Samsung Smart TV?