The remainder of Part A of this Form generally refers to disclosure required for "a mutual fund" in a "simplified prospectus".   (1) The regulator or the securities regulatory authority may grant an exemption from the provisions of this Instrument, in whole or in part, subject to such conditions or restrictions as may be imposed in the exemption. 218/2005, App. (1) Provide any specific disclosure required or permitted to be disclosed in a prospectus under securities legislation or by an order or ruling of the securities regulatory authority pertaining to the mutual fund that is not otherwise required to be disclosed by this Form. 3 to 10. This disclosure may be provided by means of a diagram or table. (v) any other supporting documents required to be delivered or sent to the securities regulatory authority under securities legislation.   An issuer that files a short form prospectus shall. B, s. 5; 276/2006, Sch. (iii) a copy of the annual information form certified in accordance with Part 5.1. (3) Describe how the securities of the mutual fund are distributed. (1) In disclosing the date on which the mutual fund started, use the date on which the securities of the mutual fund first became available to the public, which will be on, or about, the date of the issuance of the first receipt for a prospectus of the mutual fund. 6.]. (c) if the prospectus is filed in the local jurisdiction, the template version of the marketing materials relating to the road show is delivered to the securities regulatory authority. (2) The consent referred to in subsection (1) must. 8. (3) An annual information form is intended to supplement the information contained in the related simplified prospectus. (v) any consents required by section 2.6, (vi) a copy of each report or valuation referred to in the simplified prospectus, for which a consent is required to be filed under section 2.6 and that has not previously been filed, and, (vii) any other supporting documents required to be filed under securities legislation; and, (b) at the time a simplified prospectus is filed, deliver or send to the securities regulatory authority. (1) If the short form prospectus is used to qualify the distribution of securities issued upon the exercise of special warrants or the exercise of other securities acquired on a prospectus-exempt basis, describe the principal purposes for which the proceeds of the prospectus-exempt financing were used or are to be used. For more information, refer to the securities legislation of your province or territory or consult a lawyer. (3) A simplified prospectus shall state the required information concisely and in plain language. (2) For all matters disclosed under subsection (1), disclose. 96/2012, Sch. (i) prices determined by reference to the prevailing price of a specified security in a specified market, (ii) market prices prevailing at the time of sale, or. 1.3 If the mutual fund has not yet filed an interim financial report or comparative annual financial statements of the mutual fund, the audited statement of financial position that was filed with the simplified prospectus. (1) This section applies only if any asset-backed securities are being distributed. (a) the mutual fund delivers a pro forma simplified prospectus not less than 30 days before the lapse date of the previous simplified prospectus; (b) the mutual fund files a new final simplified prospectus not later than 10 days after the lapse date of the previous simplified prospectus; and. (a) under the bought deal agreement, the lead underwriter must provide the issuer with a copy of the agreement that has been signed by the lead underwriter; (b) the issuer signs the bought deal agreement on the same day that the lead underwriter provides the agreement in accordance with paragraph (a); (c) the lead underwriter has discussions with other investment dealers regarding their participation in the distribution as additional underwriters; and, (d) on the business day after the day that the lead underwriter provides the agreement in accordance with paragraph (a), the lead underwriter provides notice in writing to the issuer that, (i) the lead underwriter has confirmed the terms of the bought deal agreement, or. They may, in the issuer's discretion, be attached as a schedule to the short form prospectus. (iv) a submission to the jurisdiction and appointment of an agent for service of process of the manager of the mutual fund in the form set out in Appendix C to National Instrument 41-101 General Prospectus Requirements, if the manager of the mutual fund is incorporated, continued or organized under the laws of a foreign jurisdiction or resides outside of Canada and if that document has not already been filed. Clearly identify in a short form prospectus any document incorporated by reference. Where this is the case, a fund facts document must not exceed a total of four pages in length. However, subsection 1.3 (3) of National Instrument 81-102 does not apply to this Form. (f) in Nunavut, section 116 of the Securities Act (Nunavut), (g) in Saskatchewan, subsection 141 (2) of The Securities Act, 1988 (Saskatchewan), and. Regs. [the person or company named below] has appointed the following agent(s) for service of process: Purchasers are advised that it may not be possible for investors to enforce judgments obtained in Canada against any person or company that is incorporated, continued or otherwise organized under the laws of a foreign jurisdiction or resides outside of Canada, even if the party has appointed an agent for service of process. B.C. 3; 240/2008, s. (b); 178/2010, Sch. G, s. 2; 201/2013, Sch. (3) Issuers are required to summarize contractual arrangements in plain language and may not merely restate the text of the contracts referred to. (4) An amendment to a fund facts document must be prepared in accordance with Form 81-101F3 without any further identification and dated as of the date the fund facts document is being amended.   (1) Under the sub-heading "Impact of Sales Charges" provide information, substantially in the form of the following table, concerning the amount of fees payable by an investor under the available purchase options and introduced using substantially the following words: "The following table shows the amount of fees that you would have to pay under the different purchase options available to you if you made an investment of $1 000 in the Fund, if you held that investment for one, three, five or ten years and redeemed immediately before the end of that period. [Listing/Quotation] is subject to the [name of the issuer] fulfilling all of the requirements of the [name of exchange or market] on or before [date], [including distribution of these securities to a minimum number of public securityholders.]". 4. (1) If the issuer does not have a current AIF or current annual financial statements and is relying on the exemption in subsection 2.7 (1) of the Instrument, include the disclosure, including financial statements and related MD&A, that would otherwise have been required to have been included in a current AIF and current annual financial statements and related MD&A under section 11.1. 382/2010, Sch. Examples include management fees and administration fees payable directly by investors, short-term trading fees, switch fees and change fees. The [units/shares] described in this document may not be sold to you until receipts for this document are obtained by the mutual fund from the securities regulatory [authority(ies)].". This document provides general information applicable to all of the [name of mutual fund family] funds. (2) If the Part B section is an amended and restated document, add to the footer required by subsection (1) a statement that the document has been amended and restated on [insert date]. (1) If the management functions of the mutual fund are carried out by employees of the mutual fund, provide for those employees the disclosure concerning executive compensation that is required to be provided for executive officers of an issuer under securities legislation. (6) Specify both the minimum amount for an initial investment and for each additional investment. C, Sch. and under the sub-heading "Investment Strategies", (a) the principal investment strategies that the mutual fund intends to use in achieving its investment objectives; and. (b) at the top of each page of a Part B section of the document, a heading consisting of the name of the mutual fund described on that page. Except for information that appears in a summary, information required under more than one Item need not be repeated. (b) any significant provisions under applicable corporate and securities law that do not apply to the holders of the restricted securities that are the subject of the distribution or that will result from the distribution, either directly or following a conversion, exchange or exercise, but do apply to the holders of another class of equity securities, and the extent of any rights provided in the constating documents or otherwise for the protection of holders of the restricted securities, (c) any rights under applicable corporate law, in the constating documents or otherwise, of holders of restricted securities that are the subject of the distribution or that will result from the distribution, either directly or following a conversion, exchange or exercise, to attend, in person or by proxy, meetings of holders of equity securities of the issuer and to speak at the meetings to the same extent that holders of equity securities are entitled, and.

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