You’ll have to do some calculating beforehand, measure the area you’re planning on setting it up in, your chosen screen, and the maximum distance you can get. Once you’ve figured out where you’re DIY screenplanning on keeping it, you’ll want to grab your shovel and get digging. You want at least 2000 Lumens for any kind of outdoor use, and the closer you get towards 3000+ the better off you’ll be.

This 4K HDR projector performs brilliantly for the money. Overview - Top 10 Best Outdoor Projectors. Finally, be sure the screen offers the right aspect ratio—typically, 16:9 for watching movies or TV shows. The QKK Mini Projector is a 50,000 hour long lasting LED-LCD projector coming in at only 3.09 lb. Compared to the 200” it can display at, you’re looking at a buck an inch or so.It’s bright enough that you won’t even have to wait for the sun to go all the way down, coming in at an absolutely impressive 2600 Lumens, it’s light and portable if you want to use a temporary set up, and it supports just about anything that you might want to try and use.It also supports widescreen, coming with a good 16:9 ratio right out of the box and allowing you to view your movies in their intended format for a true big screen experience.You can also mount it in just about any fashion you choose since the native software will allow the screen to be flipped, perfect if you want to install it underneath your platform in order to get a little bit of further protection from the elements.The price is beyond right; it’s absolutely crazy. Read the full review: LG CineBeam HU80KSW. The projector is rated at 2,000 ANSI lumens, weighs only 6 pounds, offers both a usable 5-watt speaker and Bluetooth speaker support, and uses the streaming dongle to connect to your Wi-Fi network. Not only can you connect electronics like video game consoles, but this projector is also pretty good for gaming considering everything else. As the name implies, a standard throw is the most common, needing roughly 10 feet to the screen for a 90-inch image (measured on the diagonal), give or take a couple of feet depending on the lens.

Now you can get a great quality projector for 100-200 dollars.

Buying a projector is an investment.

Hauling wiring in and out of your living room is a pain and if you’re like 99.99999 percent of Americans the messy mess of wires behind your entertainment unit is a “no man’s land” of dirty, dust and more dust.If you just can’t bring yourself to deal with the wiring every time you want to go with a projector, go with the second option and you’ll find that it’s a hell of a lot easier.

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