It desperately tried to keep him alive, well after his poor, wretched heart stopped pumping. Employment is up slightly, helped by mining projects. Of the eight people shot by police that year, none were identified as Indigenous. Child mortality, literacy, numeracy, life expectancy have improved since 2008 but are not on target. Here's how you can help' Here's how you can help' Angelica Ojinnaka was racially abused during her childhood in Sydney. Meanwhile, the only existing Closing the Gap objectives on a successful path are the schooling of eight-year-olds and younger, and year 12 enrolments in South Australia, Western Australia, the ACT and the Northern Territory. In 2015, a couple of days before New Year's Eve, Dungay's heart gave way in Long Bay prison hospital under the weight of five prison guards. Lost in the fraught debate was an uncomfortable truth: the royal commission found Indigenous people weren't dying in custody at a higher rate than other races. In 1983, a 16-year-old Aboriginal boy, John Pat, was beaten to death by four off-duty police officers in Karratha, Western Australia. As Dungay clawed and tried to bite, the men pinned Dungay on his bed. We would like to respectfully inform Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander peoples, and others that content on the websites linked here, and referenced in the video interview contains references to deceased persons. Kumanjayi Walker was shot by police three times in his home at Yuendumu on Satur... Fundraiser to Support the Family of Aunty Tanya Day for her death in custody fig... Black Lives Matter Protest – Family Support Fund. Rohan Thomson. Jun 05, 2020 1:00am . Hackers briefly took over a Trump campaign website, while the President continued his campaign whirlwind in battleground states in the mid-west. "I think there needs to be transparency about how the data is collected. His last words were "I can't breathe.". A new awareness of the plight of Aborigines focused official attention on their treatment, which contributed to policies and laws, including Aboriginal welfare officers in prisons and the 1997 NSW Young Offenders Act, which specified that arrest should be a last resort for teenage offenders. Twelve years after the Closing the Gap initiative was launched to equalise health and lifespans within a generation, the Indigenous affairs complex is still arguing over paperwork. The majority of cases are ongoing. Activists and academics allege that instead of providing useful information to protect black people, Bricknell and her colleagues represent an inherently racist system that wants to conceal the scope of the prejudice. One was from natural causes, one an accident, and one was uncertain. As the Black Lives Matter Australia movement continues to fight for equality and close the health, education and wellness gap, many Indigenous Australians are still facing inequality at the hands of the justice system.

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