Canadian national censuses, taken for these dates, are available to the pā€¦ When you have entered your search terms, click on "Search". Library and Archives of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario. Column 7. Year of birth The digitized images found on the Library and Archives Canada (LAC) website have been made by scanning the microfilms of the 1911 Census. The search screen enables you to search by name of person or by place. Statistical information can be found in the report Fifth Census of Canada, 1911, Canada, Census and Statistics Office, 1912ā€“1915, 6 volumes (AMICUS 9579194). If the infirmity developed in childhood, "child" was entered followed by the age at which the infirmity appeared. 2,642,666 lines transcribed! Weeks employed in 1910 at chief occupation or trade To get the best possible experience using our website we recommend that you upgrade to a newer version or install another browser. Physical place where the individual works. For people born in Canada, the name of the province or territory. Captains, colonels, postmasters, teachers, deputies, assessors, sheriffs, librarians, assistants, chief clerks, supervisors, etc. For cities, towns or incorporated villages, the number of the house and the name of the street, such as "14 Bay Street. A service provided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You are here: Home / 1911 Instructions to enumerators were given on how to collect the names and other information in 1911. For each category, a list of trades was created using the numbers 00 to 99. Individuals paid in such a manner were to have an entry in this column. "None," for individuals 10 years of age and over who did not have an occupation and who did not live on an independent income. Column 3. The search results page has a thumbnail image of the census record and displays the following information: The item page has a digitized image of the actual census page available in JPG and PDF formats and contains the following fields: To suggest a correction, click on the Suggest a Correction link to access an electronic form. For Non-Canadians, the country of their birth, or the country to which they professed allegiance. : 20 February 2018. To assist with district names and sub-district descriptions, a list of 1911 Census Districts and Sub-districts is provided. (Presbyterian-Canada and Lower Provinces). FamilySearch. Column 16. See Censuses ā€“ Street Indexes. Column 2. The total cost of the insurance from June 1, 1910 to June 1, 1911. Title pages appear before each sub-district; they contain this information: These records and those of previous censuses are described in the Statistics Canada fonds, formerly Record Group 31 (RG31). The third part of the code refers to the trade. The database entries are in the original language used in the documents. The Research Tips section on our main census page includes basic and advanced search tips and strategies. registration or payment is required to view the index. The first syllable for each month (except in the cases of May, June or July, which were written in full). Year of immigration to Canada, if an immigrant "Income," for individuals who did not have a specific occupation, but that instead subsisted on an independent income, such as investments, pensions, superannuations. Canada Census, 1911 ā€” Aboriginal people were to have their racial or tribal origin traced through their mothers, with the specific name of the First Nation entered.

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