Second, through more than 30 studies performed on DE111, we’ve found a number of amazing effects on the body. The DE111™ Bacillus subtilis has the ability to form spores that protect the microbes from harsh conditions until they enter an environment ripe for germination, such as the GI tract. When there is a balance in the normal flora of the gut, beneficial bacteria can hold water facilitating the passing of feces. When absent, the stools lack a normal amorphous quality and become formed lumps which can be hard and abrasive. Stefan: Because when probiotic bacteria can adhere to the gut lining, they enhance the “gut barrier” function of those cells by preventing the adhesion of pathogens. Immunity & Ageing 12: 24. Maintain healthy levels of cholesterol, glucose and triglycerides. Constipation can often be caused by acute dysbiosis which is common for those that are on antibiotic treatment or low fiber diets. 4. Why Jetson Works? Inatsu Y, Nakamura N, Yuriko Y, Fushimi T, Watanasiritum L (2006) Characterization of Bacillus Subtilis Strains in Нua Nao, a Traditional Fermented Soybean Food in Northern НaLland. In yet another human study, this time with students at the University of Wisconsin (who apparently will do anything for beer and cheese money), those taking DE111 were able to. Lefevre M, Racedo SM, Ripert G, Housez B, Cazaubiel M (2015) Probiotic Strain Bacillus Subtilis CU1 Stimulates Immune System of Elderly during Common Infectious Disease Period: A Randomized, Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Study. Efficacy was assessed through participant reported bowel movement (BM) records as well as dietary intake logs. Let’s see how an actual recent conversation went between Stefan and his Uber driver. As a component of the human microbiome, Bacillus subtilis has the ability to promote gastrointestinal health, including helping its host in digestion, making it an ideal probiotic. This beneficial bacteria may release metabolites that can alter gut function, including satiety and motility. Clinical trials have shown that B. subtilis is safe for consumption and beneficial for digestive health [4,5]. var sc_invisible=1; People who have at least one bowel movement per day and pass good textured feces (not too hard or soft are considered to have ‘normal’ bowel function [1]. By now you probably know we love science. The term Probiotics comes from the Greek word “pro” interpreted “promoting” and biotic interpreted “life”… Promoting Life! People whose stools are classified as type 1 or type 2 are individuals who suffer from constipation.

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