The Elder Scrolls: Legends. Up to date cards database and online adviser will help to to dominate. And be sure to check back with GameSkinny for more news and guides for Elder Scrolls: Legends: With the Heroes of the Skyrim expansion now released, it's time to re-examine the best current decks in Elder Scrolls: Legends. Elder Scrolls Legends Basic Deck Building Strategies, The Elder Cards: The Best Decks in Elder Scrolls Legends, Elder Scrolls Legends: Story Mode/Solo Arena Lanes and What They Do. Deadly Draugr also has the Lethal ability for only 1 magicka, which is an excellent and very cheap way to take down a gigantic beefy monster. Now that we’ve covered some of the basics of deck building in The Elder Scrolls: Legends, it’s time to dig in a bit deeper with some advanced strategies including the different deck archetypes that frequently exist within card games. It's pointless to put that card in your deck when An-Xileel Invader costs the same but is a 5/3. Instead, we’re talking about something that’s much more intricate. This means that creatures with Guard and cards that deal damage to multiple creatures – like Fire Storm and Arrow Storm – are your best friends. To play the game, you need to have at least one full deck. Instead of the color wheel from Magic or the straight classes from Hearthstone, cards revolve around seven attributes: Specific "classes" are created by mashing together two different attributes for any given deck, like Intelligence and Strength meshed to create a Battlemage deck and so on. Classes and Races in Elder Scrolls Legends: Which is Best for You? This can have a big impact on your strategy when playing cards that say things like “fill a lane with 1/1 creatures.”. Using these cards to keep your foe's early enemies from striking back will help you get off to an early start, while the abilities of Daring Cutpurse, Astrid, Brotherhood Slayer, and Thieves Guild Recruit will help you stay ahead. While this is helpful for getting lower cost cards that can be used right away (or having a high cost trump card in reserve), there's another very important consideration when choosing your first draw: always get rid of your Prophecy cards. The Elder Scrolls: Legends Guide. Something beefy with Guard in your deck is always helpful to give you time to get your combos going or pull out that behemoth creature, but don't ignore cheap cards that prevent specific enemies from attacking next turn with the Shackle ability. Wood Orc Headhunter is a great example of this, stating that if you have another friendly Orc, it gains Charge. For example, a control deck might include cards like Indoril Archmage, Dragon Priest or Divayth Fyr at the very top of its magicka curve to close out the game. The best hand-picked and rated by TOP players TES Legends decks for all ten classes. The story mode automatically does this for you after every level, beefing up your deck to a very unwieldy size with high-cost cards that don't actually work well together. A deck for rogues. This should prepare you to dive right into deck building when the time is right. For added fun, be sure to throw in Queen Barenziah, Royal Sage, and Mentor's Ring to help spread the Lethal/Ward/Guard fun to everyone. Silvenar Tracker is another great Charge creature that allows you to take the initiative, a strategy we’ve mentioned before. Budget decks are a great way for new starters to gain experience with the game and to climb the ranks in Ranked Play. Healing and drain effects together can be overpowering. ), dealing with multiple creatures at once and playing fewer win conditions. Furthermore, you can build a unique deck by combining two decks. Simply by playing the game well, you can amass a war chest of coins to spend on story lines, puzzles, and theme decks. The Heroes of Skyrim expansion recently dropped for Elder Scrolls: Legends, introducing over 150 new cards to the game. In most cases, simply throwing the best, most expensive cards into your deck is actually a recipe for failure. For example, you may want to use the normally negative Silence effect on your own creatures, as it removes ALL effects, even bad ones like Shackle. If you found any of these decks helpful or have an awesome one of your own to share, feel free to let us know in the comments below! Elder Scrolls: Legends -- Story Mode/Solo Arena Lanes and What They Do. Decks are updated right after patches and nerf rolled out. On this page you will find a list of user created decks for browsing and build ideas. Instead of going for everything and the kitchen sink, strive for synergy between cards. Aggro decks typically load up on small creatures with the intent to play multiples of them every turn. With a control deck, health is your most precious resource. You'll also want to include cards like Shadow Shift, Archer's Gambit, and Dune Smuggler to keep your creatures out of harm's way and in the best position to deal direct damage to your opponent. Now that the dust has settled a bit and players have had some time to craft new strategies, we've naturally begun to see a lot of changes in the game's current top decks.

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