Eliza’s life is defined by the roles assigned to her by others—Alexander needs her to be his “Roman wife”; her peers expect a gracious socialite; her family demands political engagement as the American republic takes form; her children require a doting mother. Knowing that it is a romanticized version of the world in which Eliza grew up and came of age, talk about your impressions of the film as you discuss this biography. An important portrait of a woman as intriguingly complicated and now as deservedly memorable as her husband. Based on her own letters and the choices she makes for herself following Alexander’s death, what do you sense Eliza wanted most for herself?14. Alexander Hamilton was a native of British West Indies, where he was born in 1755 ... Alexander Hamilton was a native of British West Indies, where he was born in 1755 Did that surprise you? Grow Your Child's Library with Top Young Reader Series, 50% Off All Funko Wetmore Forest POP!, Plush, and More, Knock Knock Gifts, Books & Office Supplies, Buy One, Get One 50% Off Holiday Boxed Cards, Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser, A Fatal Friendship: Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr, Alexander Hamilton. The level of public scrutiny that Eliza endures during Alexander’s meteoric political rise rivals that of modern-day celebrities. Consider the portrait of American society in its infancy. Submit your email address to receive Barnes & Noble offers & updates. Get our latest book recommendations, author news, competitions, offers, and other information right to your inbox. years following Alexander’s death, from her work to preserve Alexander’s legacy to serving as director of the first public orphanage in New York. Where ... Explora la fascinante vida de Alexander HamiltonAlexander Hamilton es una de las figuras más extraordinarias ... Explora la fascinante vida de Alexander HamiltonAlexander Hamilton es una de las figuras más extraordinarias "Tilar Mazzeo has given us the profound gift of getting to know more fully the extraordinary woman whose legacy we are honored to carry forward today. 9 Royal Reads for Your Post-“Romanoffs” Binge, 4 Great Novels (and 1 Biography) About Real Women From History, Publisher: Gallery Books (January 9, 2020). She mounts significant historical evidence to support her new take on the infamous Reynolds affair. Identify another female figure from our nation’s early history who you’re curious to learn more about, and discuss why.5. The narrative tends toward mostly charming yet sometimes flat vignettes—e.g., President George Washington sitting in Eliza's parlor and watching the Hamilton kids play. The center of this biography is the affair Alexander confessed to having with Maria Reynolds. In the early days of their courtship, Alexander wrote to Eliza in a letter: “Nature has been very kind to you; do not neglect to cultivate her gifts and to enable yourself to make the distinguished figure in all respects to which you are intitled to aspire” (page 79). How does it compare to the role of political journalism in America today?9. The list closely resembles the expectations that fell on young Eliza as well. Discuss the sisters’ close relationship, as well as the way in which Angelica’s marriage shapes the trajectory of her life.10. Eliza’s sister Angelica has a tumultuous relationship with the Schuyler family, largely due to her choice of husband. There has always been debate about the affair: Did it really happen, or did Alexander, who was Secretary of the Treasury at the time, invent the adulterous liaison to distract from more damaging rumors that he was committing insider trading? organizing minds of other countries Caesar and Napoleon marks the difference between Anglo-Saxon political ideals and capacity for self-government and those of other races. Mazzeo convincingly argues that Eliza’s determination to emulate the sacrifice and loyalty of classical Roman wives is key to understanding their marriage and the truth about Alexander’s infamous affair with Maria Reynolds, later revealed to be a coverup for financial misconduct that if revealed could have harmed not only the family but the Washington administration. ", – —Jess Dannhauser, president and CEO of Graham Windham, Any use of an author photo must include its respective photo credit. Fast-paced and reads like a novel. An important portrait of a woman as intriguingly complicated and now as deservedly memorable as her husband.”, – —Stacy Horn, author of Dalmatian Island, “Drawing from an impressive breadth of sources… this is an expertly told story that’s certain to captivate Hamilton fans and intrigue anyone interested in early U.S. history.”, "Mazzeo's Eliza appears stoic, loyal, and canny. Eliza Hamilton inspires! 07/16/2018Mazzeo (Irena’s Children) centers love and devotion in this satisfying cradle-to-grave biography, the first written about the wife of the first U.S. secretary of the treasury. ", – —Kate Andersen Brower, New York Times bestselling author of First Women, “Tilar Mazzeo has made me fall in love with the enchanting, but refreshingly real Eliza Hamilton. Reflect on the Germaine de Staël quotation that opens this biography: “Love is the whole history of a woman’s life; it is an episode in a man’s.” Madame de Staël was a celebrated French writer and intellectual whose work often touched on the status of women in Revolution-era France. This “expertly told story” (Publishers Weekly) follows Eliza through her early years in New York, into the ups and downs of her married life with Alexander, beyond the aftermath of his tragic murder, and finally to her involvement in many projects that cemented her legacy as one of the unsung heroes of our nation’s early days. If you’ve seen Hamilton, you know that Eliza plays a vital role — just like she did in real life. "I, Eliza Hamilton is going to be your next Hamilton obsession." Can you envision a young Eliza in the context of this film?4. Buy I, Eliza Hamilton by Susan Holloway Scott from Amazon's Fiction Books Store. According to Mazzeo, Eliza stood by her man not because she was weak but because she was committed to protecting her family from the more serious downfall that would occur were Alexander found guilty of fraud. Her extensive research suggests that it was actually a cover-up for bad financial dealings, and that Eliza was in on it. Fortunately, Mazzeo (Irena's Children) has created a highly readable book about a woman who lived in the shadows of the Founding Fathers yet was anything but a stock character. This captivating account of the woman behind the famous man is perfect for fans of the works of Ron Chernow, Lisa McCubbin, and Nathaniel Philbrick. How do you suppose she was able to reconcile those conflicting ideas?4. 2018-07-02The life of Mrs. Alexander Hamilton.When Eliza Schuyler (1757-1854) first met Alexander Hamilton, writes Mazzeo (English/Colby Coll. Eliza dedicates her life to a series of significant undertakings in the (nearly fifty!) After Alexander’s life is cut short by the infamous duel with Aaron Burr, Eliza is left to tell his story. This reading group guide for Eliza Hamilton includes an introduction, discussion questions, and ideas for enhancing your book club. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Tell us what you like and we'll recommend books you'll love. However, I wonder about Alexander. ©1997-2020 Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Inc. 122 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10011. Tilar Mazzeo has made me fall in love with the enchanting, but refreshingly real Eliza Hamilton. You can view Barnes & Noble’s Privacy Policy. © 2020 Simon & Schuster, Inc. All rights reserved. Born to an affluent family and raised both in society and on the frontier where she occasionally attended tribal councils with her father, Elizabeth Schuyler (1757-1854) was most comfortable in the country, though she adapted well to both worlds. Drawing from an impressive breadth of sources, Mazzeo shows what made Eliza, in the words of her husband, Alexander, the “best of wives, best of women.” Born into a prominent New York family in 1757, Eliza Schuyler’s young life was dominated by war, especially the American Revolution. . de la historia de Estados Unidos. Use up arrow (for mozilla firefox browser alt+up arrow) and down arrow (for mozilla firefox browser alt+down arrow) to review and enter to select. Were you surprised by the muckraking that defined the political landscape of Revolution-era America? In this fascinating biography, award-winning author Tilar J. Mazzeo reveals the many sides of one of America’s Founding Mothers. We hope that these ideas will enrich your conversation and increase your enjoyment of the book.IntroductionEliza Hamilton was much more than Founding Father Alexander Hamilton’s devoted wife. Engage in some speculation: If Eliza Hamilton were born in the twenty-first century, what do you think she would take on as a career? All Rights Reserved. Dissect the pieces of evidence that you find most compelling, and identify any gaps that you think still leave room for speculation. What expectations were especially formative for you as a child and teenager, and what did you rail against?3. Readers’ Choice: The Top 25 Most Shelved Books of the Year! A strong pioneer woman, a loving sister, a caring mother, and in her later years, a generous philanthropist, Eliza had many sides—and this fascinating biography brings her multi-faceted personality to vivid life. The author also follows Eliza's life after Alexander—Eliza lived till her late 90s—and the local orphanage and public school she founded. Dissect Eliza’s and Angelica’s songs, especially; how does Mazzeo’s depiction of these women depart from Miranda’s portrayal?2. Writing under several pen names, she has received numerous awards and critical acclaim for her bestselling books. [t]hat she was dull and stupid” (pages 79–80). She is a graduate of Brown University, and lives with her family outside of Philadelphia. But at a second meeting, "the spark between them was instantaneous." Mazzeo gives less attention to the years during which Eliza exercised her widow’s independence, which is disappointing. “But remember, dear sister, that the easiest men for us to love are often the same ones who hurt us the most.” And, apparently, that goes for literature as well. Though quieter than her sisters, the socially astute Eliza succeeded in capturing the heart of the fickle Alexander. ; Irena's Children: The Extraordinary Story of the Woman Who Saved 2,500 Children from the Warsaw Ghetto, 2016, etc. Thomas Jefferson outlines how his eleven-year-old daughter, Polly, should “distribute” her time (page 20). I, Eliza Hamilton (published September 26th, 2017), by Susan Holloway Scott, is the story of Elizabeth Schuyler’s relationship and marriage with founding father, Alexander Hamilton. (Sept.), ★ 11/01/2018With the success of the Broadway musical Hamilton, it seems only natural that an upswing in interest in both Alexander Hamilton (d. 1804) and his wife, Eliza, would follow. More broadly, how did you react to Alexander’s often “swaggering way” (page 137) in general?5. By clicking 'Sign me up' I confirm that I'd like to receive updates, special offers, including partner offers, and other information from Simon & Schuster Inc. and the Simon & Schuster family of companies. Fans fell in love with Eliza Hamilton—Alexander Hamilton’s devoted wife—in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s phenomenal musical Hamilton. In Tilar J. Mazeo's vivid, compelling, and unputdownable new biography, Eliza Hamilton finally takes her place in the pantheon of remarkable American women who, no less than the men they loved, built this nation. Did it surprise you to learn that Eliza owned slaves despite being pro-abolition? As Mazzeo describes: “Philadelphia was the second-largest city in the nation, although its population was under thirty thousand. Thank you for signing up, fellow book lover! - Bustle "With the recent popularity of Alexander Hamilton comes the much deserved interest in his wife, Eliza. Javascript is not enabled in your browser. So began the relationship that would give Eliza her most enduring identity as the wife of a dueling Founding Father. Knowing Eliza’s entrepreneurial strengths (and affinities), discuss how these restrictive expectations of “elite” colonial girls shaped Eliza’s early life and sense of self.

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