He was previously editor in chief of Handelsblatt Global and a writer for the Economist. Well, there was the announced extension to the ECB’s asset purchase program of EUR120 billion. The Federal Constitutional Court is also empowered to decide whether a political party is pursuing aims and using methods that conflict with the democratic order; in cases where the court rules that a party is in violation of the constitution, it will order the party’s dissolution. To be precise, today’s decision was originally set to be announced on Tuesday March 24th. It is contrary to Germany’s post-second world war legacy. Half the membership is elected by the Bundesrat (the upper house of the German legislature), the other half by a special committee of the Bundestag (the lower house). He's the author of "Hannibal and Me.". Read about the ECB’s monetary policy instruments and see the latest data on its open market operations. In an unusual public statement, shared with POLITICO, Marc van der Woude, president of the General Court of the EU, the bloc’s second-highest court, described last month’s ruling by the German Constitutional Court as “direct interference in the functioning of the European legal order,” and warned that it could encourage some countries to leave this legal order and thereby perform a “disguised exit” from the EU. Disclaimer The Federal Constitutional Court has come to occupy a focal position in the German governmental system. Is it the offside rule that’s the problem, or is it the people to interpret the rule? Van der Woude wrote that the German judgment, “although handed down in the name of the rule of law, could paradoxically reinforce the second even more worrying trend, which is the dismantling of the rule of law in certain member states” — a veiled reference to Hungary and Poland. ( Log Out /  Key figures and latest releases at a glance. Mai 2020 zum PSPP /// Traduction française du jugement du 5 mai 2020 relatif au PSPP /// French translation of the Judgment of 5 May 2020 regarding the PSPPMore, ECB decisions on the Public Sector Purchase Programme exceed EU competencesMore, Criminalisation of assisted suicide services unconstitutionalMore, Ban on wearing a headscarf for legal trainees is constitutionalMore, The Federal Constitutional Court reviews the domestic application of legislation that is fully harmonised under EU law on the basis of EU fundamental rights***When reviewing claims for injunctive relief against search engine operators, courts must take into account the freedom of expression afforded publishers of online contentsMore, Learn more about the Federal Constitutional Court’s duties and status, its structure and its relations to other courts.More, The Federal Constitutional Court consists of two Senates, each of them with eight members. Can a national court do that? Meanwhile, perhaps mindful of the need to outrun the strictures laid out only today, the Executive Board of the ECB proceeded to develop a new instrument distinct from the PSPP to provide a fig leaf for the moment when the GCC ruling would inevitably emerge.

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