When you have a great review from an influencer, it shows your audience that you too are trustworthy. Dat soort marketinguitingen maakt dat potentiële klanten ook ten aanzien van jouw dienst een bepaalde mate van achterdocht zullen hebben. If it’s good enough for them, it will be good enough for me, right? Have a theme. Who are you specifically trying to reach? Ontvang direct een e-mailalert als een nieuw artikel over E-commerce wordt gepubliceerd. Zeker als jij hen goed hebt geholpen, zijn ze graag bereid om iets voor je terug te doen. Show images, screenshots, and visuals of results whenever you can. Here are some quick steps you can do to ask for and receive a testimonial that’s going to convert for you: Keep your testimonials simple. The Nerd Fitness Academy is an online course and community focused on building habits and nutrition, fitness, and mindset, and the success story testimonial makes the sales page so much stronger: The before and after photos act as a photo testimonial for readers, which creates that feeling within them that with Steve’s program, they can achieve their fitness dreams. It’s easy to fake a text testimonial by just writing something up and stealing somebody’s Facebook photo you knew in college, but to get somebody to sit down in front of a camera and sing your praises? In their case, they use long-form testimonials in the form of blog posts to prove that their service works. You may not have noticed, but you are more likely to buy a product if the person in the advertisement is like you. Probeer dus altijd te werken met testimonials van klanten die bereid zijn met hun volledige naam vermeld te worden of, nog beter, met foto of video! What surprised you the most or made you the happiest about buying/joining [our product/service]? Een ijzersterke testimonial krijg je door jouw klant op video vast te leggen als hij of zij vertelt over de resultaten van jouw dienstverlening. Ahrefs gets people interested in their brand by showing how well it works for others in relevant industries. Hoi Irma, begrijpelijk dat mensen niet met naam en gezicht op je site willen. It’s key to pay attention to how their growth reveals new challenges. Blog Post Reviews. If you aren’t sure, ask them what kind of support they could benefit from in the future. Use customer details. Demonstrate a transformation rather than just kind words about your services. Wat is het resultaat dat jij voor hem of haar behaalde? Een geschreven tekst. But to boost their effectiveness even further, add a photo of the client who left the feedback.[*]. We’ve used them in the AppSumo Partners page, which then links to a blog post. Peer testimonials are one of the most effective types of testimonials you can have on your website because of Implicit Egotism. Publicize social testimonials. Huge companies in other industries use success story testimonials as well. That’s why peer testimonials are so effective. Want er zijn ongetwijfeld mensen met meer en betere opleidingen dan ik. 5. Die daadwerkelijk meer zeggen dan 1000 woorden. For example, some hosts read these recommendations at the beginning of their podcast episodes, both to provide social proof and encourage others to leave a review. Een audio-boodschap. After all, somebody that they recognize and admire is endorsing your product, service, or work. Wat écht werkt om mensen te laten zien wat jij en je dienstverlening waard zijn, is dit: Casestudies. You’ve got to be confident that you have an offering that delivers a very specific outcome that is deeply desired by your ideal clients. Geef je een Zoom-training? Testimonials truly are money in the bank. 1. Wij proberen bij testimonials steeds te linken naar de oorspronkelijke bron.

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