The other idea I had was that he would meet someone called Gerti, who would remind him of Gerti and he would sort of fall in love with a personification of the aircraft, but in the end I decided that was too silly.”. Definitely. Excellent. So what is in store for listeners in the new series John? So, you never can tell. Cut all the bits you're hurrying through when you read it back. The live show is entirely family friendly, yes, and it's been absolutely lovely meeting kids at the stage door afterwards. Did you find this new series easier or harder to write than the first? Get in touch and find out more or view some of our recent Ads and Video Productions. Well! As soon as I heard that, I insisted we come here. Unless the rest of the cast win their legal battle to stop me. The Vital Importance of UK-EU Science Collaboration, The brief but not so brief OxStu Oxford fashion guide, Protestors stand against Poland’s anti-abortion court ruling, Oxford’s food banks and restaurants offer free and subsidised meals for children this half-term. That'll do, pig. We think you play Arthur brilliantly. I still can't quite believe these three brilliant and in-demand actors are doing my stupid sitcom! It's always nice to be nominated, of course; but still nothing keeps your ego in check like getting all dressed up and going to an awards do to watch them give it to someone else. Cabin Pressure’s final episode, Zurich, will air on Radio 4 on 23rd and 24th December 2014. As Carolyn says at one point: ‘I have a good pilot and a safe pilot, and the safe pilot is in charge of the good pilot. Would you ever consider moving to television? Hi John, how the devil are you today? There is no radio comedy fan out there, or even any comedy fan, worth their salt who hasn’t loved listening to Cabin Pressure, the adventures of hapless one-plane charter airline MJN Air. Lots and lots. We caught up with him between shows... Hi John. -. John Finnemore, writer and star of the multi-award winning BBC Radio shows “John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme”, “Cabin Pressure” and “John Finnemore’s Double Acts” brings his brand new live show to the stage! Did you always want to write comedy or did you have other childhood ambitions? And I can always listen to the CDs that I own…the characters from Cabin Pressure are “family” now. Cabin Pressure was obviously very popular and was very satisfyingly concluded, however were there any scenes or ideas that you wished had made it into the show? The brilliant John Finnemore is currently on tour. JOHN Finnemore has loved sketch shows since he was a child and he seized the opportunity to turn his passion into a career at university. Well, you’d have to ask him, but I think he coped with it pretty well. Having had such a large output of memorable material, but with few typical catchphrases, are you surprised by which characters and creations of yours stick in your  fans’ minds? I am sad that it’s ending, but I hate it when a show reaches its pinnacle…and the powers that be just go on and on and on, just for $$. I wasn’t even put off by doing work experience at one, and having to put dead cats in the deep freeze. One of the three was the voice I'd always had in my head when writing the part. In the bar after the Preston show, they made me laugh so hysterically I was forced to go and change my shirt. This sometimes surprises people, not wholly unreasonably, given the definitions of the words ‘radio’ and ‘visual’. Hopefully you don't share too many characteristics with him in real life! Not only that, but it’s also wrapping up the whole show, so it has a story of its own as well as the conclusion of the whole thing. The best of the rest: Murder, Millionaire, & Mary Berry, BREMF – CONNECTIONS – Dirk & Adam Campbell, BREMF – ARCADIAN WILDERNESS – Ensemble Augelletti, BREMF – BIRDS, BUGS & OTHER BEASTS – Spiritato. Two main ways – performing as much as I could at university, at the Edinburgh festival, and then at little venues in London; and writing sketches on spec for current TV and radio sketch shows, and sending them to their producers. John said, “It is so unlike any of the others that it is hard to judge. Interview: John Finnemore - May 7, 2018 John Finnemore, writer and star of many multi-award winning BBC Radio shows brings his brand new live show to the stage for the Brighton Festival. Do you ever regret being the sole writer? Having said that, it took me about four years after that to be able to make a living out of it, and it was a pretty precarious living for the two years after that. Apparently you have a massive metal chicken on a roundabout. But then, alas, a sitcom covering similar territory got commissioned, and that was (probably) that. Do you think it’s the right time to end? So now I'm working on a couple of new things, and in the meantime I'm writing sketches for Mitchell and Webb, and doing the odd Now Show. I wasn’t even put off by doing work experience at one, and having to put dead cats in the deep freeze. So, I think it’s the right thing to do and the whole of the last series has been building up towards an end, but yes, it will be a strange feeling knowing there aren’t any more recordings and knowing we don’t get to do that anymore.”, While Cabin Pressure has one last hurrah for the fans in a two-part finale on 23rd and 24th December, recording was completed in February, so for the cast and crew things have been over for a while. This tour is an attempt to put that right. “The main difference I’ve found between writing sketches for radio and for the stage is that it’s a lot easier to do visual jokes on the radio. Dorking Halls – Sunday 10 June. Some of your Radio 4 sketches would work really well in a visual medium too? Stars Benedict Cumberbatch, Roger Allam, Stephanie Cole, John Finnemore and Anthony Head. And how did you choose from the series what to include in the live show, or is it all new material for the live show? Oh, it’s everything you would expect from a Radio 4 show cast on tour. Herc has loose ends to tie up, as he is in an entertaining relationship with Carolyn (which featured heavily in Series 4). I've always loved comedy, but at school it never occurred to me that it was something I might actually do myself. Book online at or call the Box Office on 01306 881717. He may be dim, but he's utterly content. Prominent people in the city voice their opinions and ideas about Brighton. He wrote and performs in the radio series Cabin Pressure, John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme, and John Finnemore's Double Acts, and frequently features in other BBC Radio 4 comedy shows such as The Now Show.Finnemore has won more Awards than any other writer. They're not corny and old-school... they're what audiences desperately want. Having spoken to some vets since, though, I gather my job is more fun. Until you’ve got that, or at least until I’ve got that, I find it’s best not to start writing dialogue. So, rather than inflict that on you, here are ten of my favourite specific sitcom episodes. Coming full circle and returning to Zurich for the final Cabin Pressure instalment, the question of what next for John and Cabin Pressure had to be tackled before the end of the interview. When any series ends there are always those who wish it could go on forever, but of course, it can’t. “It’s an odd feeling, yes, but it was entirely our choice to end it of course, a decision I made after the Christmas special two series ago. Have a punchline. However, cuts have now been made, and it's now a sensible length. No, the cleanness wasn't really a deliberate choice, just my natural style, I suppose. What can people expect from the shows? Victoria writes Nangle Natters about what’s been happening in her life and Comedy, about the forthcoming comedy events. By all means, if they let me do it my own way.

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