Optional: Courage Gem #18In the first cave at the Isle of the Dead, blast a hole in the wall at the west side and make your way through the Rupoor maze. Look at your map and as soon as the platforms just starts to move to the east, that is when you want to toss a bomb near the left crystal switch. Open the two treasure chests here, one containing a Big Green Rupee, and other holding a Courage Gem. Head to the east side and talk to the guy next to the boat there to learn that the boat's owner is probably at the town's bar. However, it will now change its attack pattern, sucking in air, preparing to unleash a massive attack. There is a statue with a tongue nearby and you need to pull it with the grappling hook. At the southeast corner of the map, there is another treasure chest, this one containing a Big Green Rupee. Open it up to get the Courage Gem. Both of the attacks will shoot directly towards the center of the platform and can easily be dodged. "significantLink": "https://www.zeldadungeon.net/phantom-hourglass-walkthrough/", Open the treasure chest here to get a Big Green Rupee. There are several stone tablets found throughout this area. If it isn’t obvious enough, the giant red bolts that are on its body make up the boss’ weakness. Pull out your boomerang and trace a path to the switches in the following order: Doing so will cause a small key to appear on the nearby platform. We now want to reach the pyramid at the far northeast corner of the map. Run to the right and you can make a mental note of where the X’s and O’s are on this grid. The path to the north is blocked off by a pit. Sunken Treasure #22 – Southeast Quadrant – South of Harrow Island, the treasure contains a ship part. Shoot it with an arrow to lower the water level. If you enter the massive temple at the northeast corner of the map, you’ll find a pair of stone tablets. Just northwest of Max’s Temple, climb up the steps and stand on the floor switch. From here shoot an arrow at the crystal switch, causing the nearby ice to melt. Open up the treasure chest to get the dungeon item, the Hammer. Drop off the ledge and catapult yourself to reach the opened door. Break the acorn if you need some arrows and then your attention towards the southeast. There is a new enemy Stag Beetle here and at the moment it can only be defeated by attacking its backside. On the right side of the room, make your way across the ice ledge, avoiding the spikes. Disregard the two platforms that are nearby, as you actually want to pay attention to the platform at the west side of the room. History Talk (0) Share. Step on the floor switch to light the torch. * – Travel east of me. Items:King’s Key There are some Stalfos that toss bones at you, but it is best to just ignore them. Courage Gems:#12, #13, #14, #15, #16. Pull out your bow and shoot the eye switch above, causing the nearby door to open. Now pull out your bow and shoot the eye target with an arrow. Oh, joy. Catapult yourself up and head down the steps. Open the treasure chest to get the final Wisdom Gem. However, we want to stand as far down the screen as we can. Just make your way around, grappling to each hook, while trying to avoid sliding off the platform. There are two more Stalfos found here. Go back to the large island and dig between the treasure chest to get a Treasure Map. Climb up and get by the Stalfos and head up the steps to reach the second knight, Doylan. In the next area, head west (ignore the cracked wall; we'll do that later) and then north to find the Temple of the Ocean King. Courage Gems:#20. Use your grappling hook to create a tightrope. Now facing southward, shoot an arrow at the rope and it will ricochet off, bouncing back towards the northern wall. Ciela's creeped out by the skeletons on the floor in here, and for good reason: they come to life and attack! In order to do so, you’ll have to jump across the small island maze at the southwest corner. At the southeast corner of the map, there is another treasure chest, this one containing a Big Green Rupee. Talk to Linebeck when you're ready to go; he'll give you a brief tutorial on navigating at sea. Leap off the ledge and examine the stone tablet to create a warp portal to the entrance. Be sure to open up the treasure chest to get the final heart container, bringing our health to a maximum of 16 hearts! After a while the bolts will turn back to red, so you have to be quick. Optional: Courage Gem #16Return to the Uncharted Island and re-enter the cave where you met the Golden Chief Cylos. Power Gems:#19 The spikes nearby will fall, allowing you to head down the stairs. Run to the northwest part of the room and the door will close behind you. Optional: Power Gem #14Return to Molida Island and enter the cave at the east end of the island. Pull out a bomb and toss it at the switch, causing the blue blocks to be lowered. At the southwest portion of the Great Ice Field, climb the steps and grapple over to the peg that is at the south end of the island. Step on the moving platform and use the hammer to smash all of the Stalfos and floor switches that are on the sides of the room.

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