[121], Miles Morales is the main character of Jason Reynolds' 2017 novel Miles Morales: Spider-Man. He develops a bond with both the Peter Parker from his own universe, and the older one from an alternate timeline. He reunites with the Earth-616 Peter and the rest of the remaining Earth-616 heroes on Battleworld. [51] He reluctantly does so, after Ganke and Spider-Woman convince him that there needs to be a Spider-Man. [38][45] Though his strength and agility are similar to those of the original Spider-Man, his spider-sense is not as strong, as it only warns him of immediate danger. After Ganke suggests he assume the mantle of Spider-Man, and learns from Gwen Stacy why Parker did what he did, Miles is inspired to try his hand at costumed crimefighting. © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. [30][31][32] Following "Secret Wars", Miles was made a character of the mainstream Marvel Universe, and a member of the titular team in All-New, All-Different Avengers. After all, his dad and uncle were Brooklyn jack-boys with criminal records. This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll Join the fight and take on Galactus to save all of Reality. Miles Morales joins the pantheon of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes as a new team of Avengers assembles including Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Vision, Nova and Ms. Marvel! Miles managed to save President Rogers from a War Machine drone about to attack him, but in the process, he flew away from the battlefield crashing in the middle of nowhere. Superhuman Agility, Flexibility, and Reflexes: Miles' agility, balance, and bodily coordination are all enhanced to levels that are beyond the natural physical limits of a regular human athlete. Back at the Triskelion, they managed to find the location of Mysterio and made a plan to strike. However, Miles has to pull his punches and kicks, otherwise his blows would prove fatal to a normal human. The suit is thin and lightweight which offers Miles superb maneuverability, but the suit is also incredibly tough and resistant to damage, including gunshots, so Miles is well protected. He can lift up to ten tons, leap several stories, move much faster than the average human, and is generally more resistant to injury or fatigue than normal people. Surviving reality's destruction in the raft, Spider-Man eventually found himself on Battleworld, a planet created from reality's remnants by an all-powerful Victor von Doom of the prime reality, eventually encountering the Manhattan realm comprised of fragments of both realities. Marvel Database is a FANDOM Comics Community. And judging from the response, I can see I'm not alone. Peter and Miles make such a good team you know there had to be a sequel! Fury had an idea to where he was headed. During an altercation with the Roxxon mercenary Taskmaster, Miles is thrown through a brick wall without any apparent serious injury, though the experience is painful for him. This version of the character is the son of a New York cop who ends up killed during one of Mister Negative's terrorist attacks. The character was created in 2011 by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Sara Pichelli, with input by Marvel's then-editor-in-chief Axel Alonso. The press is beginning to associate them with the Spider-Man legacy, which could be bad for Miles. Both cited Barack Obama being elected President of the United States as a positive motivation and sign that the country was ready for a hero like Miles, who could be a role-model to people of every race, specifically minorities. After having some trouble using the web shooters, Miles managed to locate Rhino and help out Captain America. After he helps S.H.I.E.L.D. The two managed to subdue him, but the real Mysterio self-destructed the body he was controlling, knocking Miles unconscious. Miles is starting to figure out that "the buzzing" may be attempting to inform him of incoming danger, but again, he is unable as of yet to use it to his advantage like Peter could. [73], Miles' body also possesses a strong resistance to injury. Miles was born to an African-American father and a Puerto Rican mother. [104][105] Years later, after Barbara died, Fisk informs a grief-stricken Miles that he has knowledge of a parallel universe in which Barbara might still be alive. [54] Miles also journeys to the mainstream Marvel universe with Reed Richards to acquire information on how to repel Galactus. "Part One". [21] Miles can effect a more powerful version of the strike, which he calls a "mega venom blast". How do you reassemble the Avengers? During his time with the new Ultimates, he also helped bring down Scourge and the Serpent Society. [63] Both Miles and Peter share the mantle of Spider-Man in the new universe,[62] though the now-16-year-old Miles patrols New York City, while Peter Parker acts globally. This edit will also create new pages on Comic Vine for: Until you earn 1000 points all your submissions need to be vetted by other send you an email once approved. Unfortunately for Miles, his Uncle was just using him to become the new Kingpin of New York, and was going to keep using him to take down the competition. [78], Bitten by a slightly different genetically engineered spider than the one that granted Peter Parker superhuman powers, Miles Morales possesses abilities similar to the original Spider-Man's, including enhanced strength and agility, the ability to adhere to walls and ceilings with his hands and feet,[20] and a "spider sense" that warns him of danger with a buzzing sensation in his head. His Spider-Sense seems to be greatly enhanced compared to that of Peter Parker. Jefferson is critically injured and hospitalized in this battle, and when Venom pursues him at the hospital, Spider-Man again confronts him, during which Miles' mother, Rio, also learns that her son is Spider-Man. Maria Hill appears as well, she reveals that she knows all about Miles and tells him that he has to stop Venom before anyone else gets hurt. Miles goes to confront Venom, using his Venom Blast in battle. etc rapidly. Together, the two Spider-Men defeat Norman Osborn, who is also revealed to be alive, but who is killed during the course of the story. Subsequent to this, after Miles fell in love with a woman named Barbara Sanchez, Fisk arranged to have all traces of Miles' existence erased from searchable records in order help Miles leave his criminal life behind him. Miles Morales’ first ongoing series as the Spider-Man of the Ultimate Universe! He later starred in the relaunched Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man series, written by Bendis and drawn by Pichelli, in September 2011. Robert Lopez & The Art of Songwriting | Marvel's Storyboards, An Inside Look At Marvel's Avengers | Part 1, Meet the Red Guardian and Yelena Belova in 'Widowmakers', A New Valkyrie Rides into Battle Against Knull, Starting Today on Marvel Unlimited: Enjoy Your Favorite Stories Sooner, High school student, combat training from the Ultimates, Rio Morales (Earth-1610, mother, deceased), Jefferson Davis (Earth-1610, father), Unidentified paternal grandmother (Earth-1610), Aaron Davis (Prowler, Earth-1610, paternal uncle, deceased). "[12], In creating the visual look for Miles, Pichelli followed her usual practice of approaching the design by giving thought to the character's personality, including the background that influenced it, and the distinctive traits that he would exhibit, such as the clothing he wears, his body language and expressions. [40] He also receives the blessing of the Earth-616 Peter Parker during the 2012 Spider-Men miniseries, in which Parker briefly visits the Ultimate Marvel universe and meets Miles. Miles was also present when Captain America was shortly inaugurated as the newly elected President of the United States. [7] When Marvel's editorial staff decided that the Ultimate universe's Peter Parker would be killed in the 2011 storyline "Death of Spider-Man", the character Miles Morales was created. When Peter came to, he managed to convince Nick Fury that he was from an alternative universe. While they discussed the opportunities that the school could open to him, the Oz-enhanced spider emerged from Aaron's bag and bit Miles on his hand, causing him to pass out and foam at the mouth. Miles Morales: Spider-Man Panini Comics. But after Miles figured out that his uncle was using him to take out his competition, he refused to help him any further. In a private email, Bendis stated that the first spelling is the correct one. Katie tries to reason with Miles but he is angry and shuns her. Now living in the same universe as Prime Marvel Universe's Spider-Man, he fights the good fight as Spider-Man and a founding member of the Champions. Miles Morales appears as a playable character in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order, a Nintendo Switch exclusive. [62] Miles' uncle, Aaron Davis, is also later revealed to have been restored to life, retaining his knowledge of Miles' dual identity, and assumes the identity of the costumed villain Iron Spider. To differentiate Miles' gameplay from that of Peter Parker, the developers increased the focus on Miles' stealth and electrical abilities. SlamAdams As the Spider-Men regrouped, Osborn apparently murdered J. Jonah Jameson. Nick Fury decided to keep Mysterio in the Ultimate Universe, but before going home Peter gave Miles his blessing. [8], Miles Morales was created by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Sara Pichelli. [20] According to Bendis, this gives Miles cause to wonder if the traits that lead to criminal behavior are hardwired into his DNA, leading him to question whether he is essentially a good person or not, and what his future holds for him. as well. The Molecule Man was now in Miles' debt. However, unlike Peter Parker, he also has bio-electrokenisis powers, including the ability to stun enemies with a "venom blast" and camouflage into his surroundings. After yet another round with the Goblin, Miles and Peter won. [61] At the conclusion of the storyline, the Molecule Man, in gratitude for Miles' earlier compassion to him, arranges for Earth-616 to be restored, with Miles and his family among its inhabitants, including his mother, who has been restored to life in the process. 06:59PM Miles wanted to tell MJ that Peter was alive, only to find that she already knew, and that she had known for some time. What’s the secret behind his powers, and how will he master them? Miles worked for Fisk following their time in prison, aiding him during Wilson's violent rise to crime boss in New York. Hickman, Jonathan (w), Ribic, Esad (a). When Ulysses predicts that Miles will kill Captain America, Captain Marvel attempts to arrest him and take him into custody. This universe's Peter Parker had become his new mentor and he also joined a new team of Avengers. Morales develops superhuman abilities similar to those Peter Parker has,[43] but does not tell his parents, due to his father's distrust of superheroes,[20] confiding only in his best friend, Ganke Lee. prison facility was transferred to the private sector. [166][167], In March 2018, Sideshow Collectibles debuted a Miles Morales Premium Format Figure, a 17"-tall polystone statue depicting Morales jumping over the gaping jaws of a giant Venom symbiote.

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