Ooccoo can be found in every dungeon prior to the Palace of Twilight, and after Link finds her, she can be used until Link defeats the boss of th… Now in Demoko's service, Siroc and her surviving people slowly transformed into the avian Oocca and shed their mortal bodies. It should be noted, when entering the Temple of Time, Ooccoo mentioned the temple housed the technology of their ancestors. :) I think the people breeded with the loft wings to produce the ooccoos. In 2994 BG, the Legion finally arrived in Holodrum, quickly devastating the Wind Tribe, and Siroc was forced to make a deal with Demoko, the First Sage of Time, to save her people by entering into his service as Oocca. The Oocca are a race from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. And they, simultaneously with the birth of the Hylia people, created a new capital, a capital that floated in the heavens. It is also possible that the Oocca created Hylians in the image of the Golden Goddesses in order to honor them. Considering the common theme of species evolution in the series, this could be possible. They may use some sort of advanced or magical technology since all of the doors in the City of the Sky open without being touched and the Dominion Rod is an Oocca artifact. Oocca In addition to this, they created the Dominion Rod. There were others though that didn't want to leave the floating island that they've lived on there whole lives. Four years into the war, in 102 AG, Rauru again contacted Ooccoo at Vigjaro, pleading for the Oocca to intervene, but again the Oocca refused to intervene in mortal affairs. This can be used at any time in the dungeon, except during boss and mini-boss battles. The appearance of the Oocca is also similar to the classic depiction of harpies. Three unnamed children Please no. This is theory is supported by the shop, which has human height counters and shelves but still has a perch for a bird. Now in Demoko's service, Siroc and her surviving people slowly transformed into the avian Oocca and shed their mortal bodies. Meanwhile, Demoko sacrificed himself by destroying his own throne room with Walker Cannons in a bid to kill Sulkaris. Hyrule Conquest Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. It is not until Ooccoo journeys to the Temple of Time that she finds the Dominion Rod. Ooccoo appears as one of the Item Cards on the Twilight Adventure Mode map. Ooccoo continued to serve as Demoko's royal right hand, but was made aware her master had lost his gift of Prophecy and remained wary of his protege Liyer, whom he was grooming as his successor as Sage of Time. In TP Shad mentions that it was the Ooccoo, NOT the goddesses that made the Hylians, and that instead the Ooccoo were the first race. Hyrule Historia posits that this theory is correct: humans that remained citizens of the Sky eventually evolved into Oocca, whereas those who moved to the surface world did not. Though I tend to think that the people of Skyloft emigrated to the surface, and because their loft wings can't fly there (well Link's couldn't; it always dropped you off at the portal thing whenever you had to descend to the surface), the ooccoo are an evolved and mutated result of the loft wings. Argorok contributed to the damage in the already ruined city, breaking bridges where many pillars had already collapsed beforehand. Contradicting this theory is the idea that the Hylians were created after the image of the Golden Goddesses. Feel free to share news, reviews, opinions, fan art, humour, comics, or anything else Zelda. Unlike the Zoras who built Zora's Domain or the Hylians who built Hyrule Castle Town and Hyrule Castle, the Oocca don't seem to maintain the City in the Sky. Some Oocca show the possibility of telekinetic ability, as shown by multiple Oocca walking on walls. In 2998 BG, the Darknut Legion to the far west declared a Crusade against the Wind Tribe, beginning a long march east to their homeland. /r/zelda is the hub for anything and everything The Legend of Zelda - the iconic Nintendo series. According to him, the Ooc… Some fans also believe that the Oocca living in the City in the Sky are descendants of the Hylians living in Skyloft. In 127 AG, while commanding one of the Mustering Bases in Hyrule Field, Ooccoo and her garrison were attacked by a surprise alliance of Hylians, Gorons, Zora, and Gohma and overwhelmed. The Oocca live in the City in the Sky, but it is unclear whether they have always lived there. It is possible that the Goddesses created the Oocca, got the idea for the Hylians from them, and created Hylians shortly afterward. The Oocca also appear to be quite adept at the use of magic. Twilight Princess (2006) It is possible that the Goddesses created the Oocca, got the idea for the Hylians from them, and created Hylians shortly afterward. Seline Gustaf (descendant) Edit: after sometime the people started inbreeding and crossbreeding with the loftwings which is why the ooccoos look like little people with feathers and wings. So skyloft loses resources and slowly breaks apart, which is why its all torn up in Twilight princess. Siroc left their three children with Rhoavan and departed to the heavens. After Sulkaris was seemingly destroyed by a strike from the Heart, the Oocca established a ring of Mustering Bases around Death Mountain, to prevent Sulkaris from escaping should she reform. In TP we also find the Ooccoo living up in the City in the Sky. Sorry I forgot to write in apart, but you reminded me so I edited it. Subseries warning: Subseries information ends here. "The common opinion is that Hyrule was created by the Hylia people, the race closest to the gods, but...truth be told, there's also a theory saying that in ancient times, there was a race even closer to the gods than the Hylia people, and THEY created it. First appearance If these other people once existed and died off, the Oocca may have been left in the ruins of their old owners' city with minimal understanding of their magic or technology. Despite their small bodies, the Oocca are seen to be highly developed in terms of technology. Appears in After its completion in 43 AG, the Triforce was sealed inside, protected by powerful Oocca magic. Contrary to the theories of another race above the Oocca, the Oocca often refer to technology such as the Dominion Rod as their own, suggesting that they created it. Ooccoo attempted to dissuade Demoko from this action, arguing it would create animosity among the mortals of Hyrule, but deferred to her master's wishes. The renewed Sulkaris revealed she planned to use the Heart of the Aura to wipe Hyrule clean of all non-Gohma and take the Triforce for herself, leading Demoko to agree that destroying the Heart was the only way to save Hyrule. The Oocca have their own written language, known as Sky Writing and some Oocca are able to speak and write in Hylian (i.e. The Oocca also have skill in crafting cannons. Homeland Similarly, the Clawshot also seems to be an Oocca artifact, since one is located in the City in the Sky. The Oocca watched the Moblin invasion of the Kingdom of Hyrule in 1 BG, concluding that the Triforce was inadequately protected in the hands of the Hylians.

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