Bandcamp Daily  your guide to the world of Bandcamp, The B-52s’ Fred Schneider and Cindy Wilson Reflect on 40 Weird, Wonderful Years, Moddi Explores Each Track of His Politically Charged New Album “Unsongs”, The Post-Punk-Inspired Pop Tenacity of Carla dal Forno, Drum'n'Bass pioneer Krust in conversation. Format: 4xLP, Album, Ltd, 180 Javi is a Spanish immigrant currently living in Amsterdam and our social media and blog guy.

I don’t get the purpose for setting up a policy, which covers all formats.

And the story attached to this unique item is quite something: “According to various sources, among others an article published by The Guardian and written by Tom Horan in November 2012, Paul McCartney bought from John “Duff” Lowe the original acetate in 1981. I am extremely sensitive to cost, and expect buyers to pay for postage and materials. I guess many others will think the same. This idea of yours is ridiculous!!

Released: 1979 The people that actually complain make up a very small percentage of users..

The difference is the thickness of the package.

Format: 7″, EP This is the dumbest decision by Discogs. I wanted that Sun Ra one, I would have probably ummed and ahhed over it if I found a nice copy at $100, maybe $200 and passed on it. As a collector I still don’t know what’s selling well in CD market. Discogs should allow old settings to be used. How are people supposed to keep on top of that ? Released: 2019 You expect me to find the cost of shipping for every edition of LP, CD or Box Set that I may sell in the future. Released: 1966 Agree withe the most. Face the fire is a simply incredibly track—it builds up and drags you to the middle of the dance floor in a state of trance. Country: US For people willing to spend $1000+ for a record, it has nothing to do with the availability of the song, or even the actual music, it’s about wanting an artifact. Genres: Rock

I can’t seem to find all the options I will need. Country: US Genres: Rock doris dana, Six versions of Blondie's signature track "Heart of Glass" document its transformation from a campy pop song to a disco-inflected smash. 1) Some customers choose delivery without plastic jewel boxes to save on delivery. Released: 1959 I work closely with my customers and give them shipping discounts on large orders and make other adjustments because I appreciate their business. maybe.

or any buyer? All of these things come in many different sizes. Again, when a refund is made, either the seller or the buyer loses PayPal fees for the returned shipping amount. It was good while it lasted but you sold us out homie. Format: LP, Album We’re taking a closer look at how to make sure you’re set up in time. If not, we recommend starting by looking up your local postal service’s website for their rates, tariffs, and zones. A Site where you can even not search like everywhere else (example: you use just ONE wrong capital – group/ title – and you will find nothing at all. 2.80 or 7.00 euros

SORRY WORLD…guess you wont be buying from me for a very long time, if ever. It was easy, enjoyable, quick, and… it felt personal.

I have been trading since 2014. Country: US

That kind of direct contact was not cumbersome, nor was it time consuming.

That people were happy to manually provide shipping costs (after all, the buyer has a right not to continue with the sale if they wish). I pay Discogs around £5000 to £6000 a year in commission, I’m going to have a go at setting up the shipping policy, but if it doesn’t work for me, I’ll close my store.

Country: UK To do this, you could average how much you spend on packaging for a typical order and add it to your shipping costs (for example, if you’re setting up your methods by weight, add a few extra dollars to each weight range). Sorry but I don’t need the stress I can sell my good stuff on ebay & run of the mill on selling sites such as facebook & musicstacks! It bears repeating; this is super important. We’re nerds.

My hope is that this will move the needle on the market value of the record, and I will then be able to sell my copy (to an actual real live other person this time) for a higher price.

Described as a return to The acetate was taken to Abbey Road and was restored, removing pops and clicks. In Service Name, you can call your method whatever you like with the free text field. Why does it do this, I’ve messaged Help Centre, days ago, they are being shy because of the Virus, expect delays. Country: US You need to keep this optional otherwise, I won’t be selling on here any more.

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