This application held questions relating to a teams roster, background, community support, involvement, promotion, etc. © 2015 Ubisoft Entertainment. Additionally, phase 3 will run for the next four years until March 1, 2024 to allow organizations long-term flexibility in their participation. League MTX: For every set of League MTX sold, 30% of the net revenue will be split 4 ways between R6 SHARE organizations in Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3. Show your support for SK Gaming by getting the SK Gaming Weapon Kit! For every regional league set sold, 30% of the net revenue will be split 4 ways between Tier 1 organizations, Tier 2, Tier 3 and the Performance Pool. I've seen one other person use it, and it looks really nice. Pro League Bundles - 30% of all net revenue is split equally amongst member of the Pilot Program, 30% of net revenues from the Road to SI event goes toward the. The Pro League Season 1 Grade 4 weapon skin can be equipped on all 40 currently available weapons. Glacier was my best buy for the game, I still use it to this day. 10 teams, … Moreover, 30% of the organization's revenue share will contribute to the organization's players and content creators. Each Tier 2 organization receives a team-branded Weapon Skin and a Charm. Its amazing to use on ash because its ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ scary to know you are fighting a person that has played since s1 or before, has no hitbox, AND is probably going to headshot you 15 seconds into the round. Todas as marcas registradas são propriedade dos seus respectivos donos nos EUA e em outros países. Back. Hm well now there's limited Esports team charms only gettable ingame with paying real money so not sure if i would consider it a "skin" but more of a limited time payed charm. Phase 1 of the Pilot Program was first announced on June 5, 2018 and launched on September 4, 2018 to coincide with the release of Operation Grim Sky. Show your support for Mousesports by getting the Mousesports Weapon Kit! Show your support for Immortals by getting the Immortals Weapon Kit! © Valve Corporation. Choose from 10 different team skins and support your favorite Rainbow Six Siege professional team by sporting their logo in-game! Each organization is assessed every three months and ranked against other organizations in their Tier based on a set of performance indicators: the performance of their in-game items, the viewership of their matches, the amount of support they provide to their players, and the performance of their communications around Rainbow Six. Buy Now. All new teams to the Rainbow Six Pro League were automatically chosen for the Pilot Program. Organizations will be promoted or demoted to different Tiers to more accurately reflect their recent contributions to the game's community. For revenue generated by the Six Major items and the Road to S.I. R6 Share, formerly known as the Pilot Program, is a revenue-sharing deal between Ubisoft Entertainment and select esport teams in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. Revenue sharing functioned in two ways based on Pilot Team Bundles and Pro League Bundles. ESport / Pro League SKINS - List of all R6:Siege Skins + Gallery, Here is a list of all the ESport / Pro League DLC / Skins that have been released for. It currently involves fourteen teams across all four regions, with two more teams expected to be added to the program in the future. Show your support for Fnatic by getting the Fnatic Weapon Kit! The program offers unique Uniforms, Headgear, Weapon Skins, and Charms to players that are themed around the Pro League and esport teams participating in the program. Road to S.I. An illustrated Ubisoft logo with Ubisoft title. The “PS” Family logo is a registered trademark and “PS4” is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Software platform logo (TM and ©) EMA 2006. Show your support for Vitality by getting the Vitality Weapon Kit! Additionally, veteran teams were chosen based on their League growth, experience, and competition results.

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