6      If historian says that your God is only 1000 years old or 2000 years old, that is his understanding of past, as the living tradition proves beyond doubt that certain people have been knowing that God for at least more than 4000 years. World Archaeology Conference (WAC-3) held at New Delhi has been a blot on Indian archeology and history, as the so-called archaeologists openly fought with each other exposing their ugly minds. However, much of secular discourse was carried on Mamta there the TMC-CM, just like Rolima Thapar. Their biographies adhere largely to a single story-line and this helps to endorse the ‘official’ narrative of their life. [16] Why then the interpretation of the past is always different for different historians? Unto these ends shall the affairs of this University always be administered”.http://library.duke.edu/uarchives/history/charterlink.html. We have been keeping you up-to-date with information on the developments in India and the world that have a bearing on our health and wellbeing, our lives and livelihoods, during these difficult times. But, Ramayana core story, as H. D. Sankalia in his “Ramayana Myth or Reality”  that it had been there nearly for 3000 years.How “That their existences is recorded in other sources” help you to decide? [2] Romila Thapar, “Where fusion cannot work – faith and history” (the Hindu, dated September 28, 2007). Posts about Romila Thapar written by vedaprakash. “He was the first leader who brought out the truth about the independence struggle of 1857 on a global platform with his book in 1909. So now, it has been the atheist DMK who wants to be in power blackmailing and extracting from the Congress, who are ironically supported by the very Communist crones of treachery.

HC judge exposed experts espousing Masjids cause: Waqf Board Line-Up Accused Of Having Ostrich-Like Attitude, The vociverous historians could not give evidences properly as witnesses with all their extertise, When the matter is subjudice, one has to obey law, When religions rely upon belief system, so also secularism historians too belive so ignoring objectivity, The same pattern as noted in the case of DK, DMK and other rapid atheists and radical experts is noted in the case of these eminent historians or Sunni Wakf Board experts. They vociferously lecture and write that they would appeal against the judgment and so on, but disappear thereafter. [13] How they contradict in their views legally can be noted in such statements. But the next day, for almost two hours, there was a stand-off between the police and rioters from both communities. The Indian Historical Review is the refereed journal of the ICHR that has been publishing research work in history since 1974. [8] http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/dhulagarh-riots-howrah-kolkata-mamata-banerjee-milad-ul-nabi/1/844203.html. Romila Thapar, “Where fusion cannot work – faith and history” (the Hindu, dated September 28, 2007). “Things that are totally clear historically, the court has tried to muddy,” he said[18]. They did not know the history or fooling the people of India? Forget Rama and Sethu-samuthram project. Sie befasst sich mit antiker indischer Geschichte und speziell Sozialgeschichte im frühen Indien zum Beispiel in der Ära von Ashoka und das Maurya-Reich, dessen Untergang sie auf die stark zentralistische Verwaltung zurückführte. She was awarded the Jawaharlal Nehru Fellowship in 1976. Why do Hindutva ideologues keep flogging a dead horse?

According to The New Indian Express, the state government even went a step ahead and slapped a non-bailable offence against three employees of the TV channel Zee News, including editor Sudhir Chaudhary, West Bengal correspondent Pooja Mehta and cameraperson Tanmay Mukherjee under Section 153A (promoting enmity) of the Indian Penal Code[10]. She spent her childhood in various parts of India after her birth in Lucknow as her father was in the army and was … Historians: Mythistory, Historical myths and Historiography in India, https://indiainteracts.wordpress.com/2009/07/16/historians-mythistory-historical-myths-and-historiography-in-india/. We have also decided to rebuild the houses damaged during the riots,” the officials said on 28-12-2016. TIMES NOW Report From Dhulagarh (December 23, 2016)[1]: For the past one week (13-12-2015 to 20-12-2016), a small town in Howrah, West Bengal has been simmering, boiling and burning. The intellectuals should respond to their methodology of exploiting violence, killing and sabotaging to solve their problems.

He pointed out that experts carry weight with public opinion. Gautam Navlakha, civil liberties activists. How that poet was imaging that that Lanka should have been the Lanka of Ramayana in his times i.e, 2500 – 3000 YBP?”. In other words, he does not have any guts to face the Court! On every auspicious day, there would be lakhs and thousands of people gathering there to carry out their duties without any publicity. How these came together has been surprising and intriguing. Why such selective or specific bias on the part of scientists and experts? 5.

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