I have been able to work as a scientist in Indonesia for nearly 25 years precisely because there has been minimal competition from Indonesian scientists. I wonder whether the apparent lack of interest in Indonesia for developing a strong science community reflects a broader lack of societal interest in science in Indonesia. International Journal of Psychology, 25(3–6), 855–869. Englisia, 3(1), 9–22. Sukomanunggal, Surabaya Barat 60188, Indonesia. Sukarno’s government oversaw and led the first expansion and development of schools and teacher training programs for the indigenous population of Indonesia. Teachers who do not pass the assessment process can retake the test four times within 2 years. [21], There are some notable technological developments made by natives in modern Indonesia (post independence). The Japanese remained present until the end of the war in 1945. More emphasis needs to be placed on developing teacher education and systematically improving and ensuring the general quality of pre-service teacher programs. This is a bad situation that urgently needs to be addressed. In agriculture for instance, the people in Indonesia and many other Southeast Asian countries, are famous for paddy cultivation and techniques such as terracing. I sincerely hope that, in the future, Indonesia won’t need foreigners like myself anymore for producing the high-quality science required to steer this country onto a path of growing welfare for all its citizens. Teachers in these schools also receive insufficient pedagogical training programs, particularly about how to manage multi-grade classrooms. The most recent textbooks have been designed to support teachers and students to achieve the 2013 national science competencies. This salary is typically double the salary made by non-certified teachers. For example in 2013, Indonesian students ranked the second lowest of the 72 countries participating in the exam. 8, 2016 about National Textbook for school]. Kami juga mendeskripsikan peran penting organisasi profesi guru dan Lembaga Pendidikan Tenaga Kependidikan (LPTK) dalam mendukung perkembangan dan penyebarluasan penelitian-penelitian kependidikan, baik yang terkait dengan peningkatan kompetensi guru, inovasi kurikulum, maupun aktivitas belajar siswa, yang seluruhnya berpotensi meningkatkan kualitas praktik-praktik pembelajaran dimasa depan. The data collected from this article did not involve human subjects so no human subjects approval was necessary. Some of these journals are also part of the TEIs’ Open Journal System. Actively engaging students in science learning rather than relying on teacher-directed instruction can be rather challenging, as certified teachers in public schools are required to teach a minimum of 24 classes per week. In Grade 11, the discussion is narrowed to focus on form and function of plants and the human body, with a particular focus on examining the different body systems. Recently, the government has introduced various policies to promote educational research initiatives and collaboration in the higher education institution, particularly in TEIs, to improve the quality of research outcomes and the positive impact on educational practices in Indonesia. This open source system enables TEIs to organize and publish online their academic journals and improve their accessibility for national and international scholars. In these cases, teachers are hired on either short-term contracts or hired to teach on yearly contracts in public and private schools. Teacher Development, 20(5), 701–722. Determinants of Indonesian rural secondary school enrolment: Gender, neighbourhood and school characteristics. This means one teacher will typically instruct about 200 students every week. Indonesian managers, today and tomorrow. Moreover, accountability policies in countries with a national curriculum have been shown to place considerable pressure on teachers that encourage them to shift away from curriculum content to a focus more on test-oriented teaching (Creese, Gonzalez, & Isaacs, 2016; Ryder, 2015).

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