It’s a 1 pp follower that you can turn into a huge ward follower. it's not great in natura i don't think it'll even make the cut. A vanilla three cost follower that spellboosts on fanfare is great for Runecrafts lists that don’t have a lot of early bodies to trade with and really rely on spellboosts for swing turns in the mid-to-late-game. Even more importantly, there are multiple approaches to each deck, especially the control deck, which has multiple engines and variants. his ability is persistent and he is likely to take very little damage in trading so opponent has to spend big resources on a must-remove target. Dragoncraft really lacks an identity this set. Here are the various components of the Tempo Storm Shadowverse Meta Snapshot: Introduction: Overview of the Tempo Storm Shadowverse Meta Snapshot; a guide on how to use the resource. On top, you have the option of spending two more play points to hard nuke basically any threat your opponent might think of. User account menu. being able to grab this with aether is pretty nuts too, reminscent of the days of the 1 copy of Frontline Cavalier for going 2nd. ... With the full release of Ultimate Colosseum only a few hours away, ... i think from pre-release he is the most standout card by far and the easiest nerf candidate if his deck becomes top tier. But while we were doing the write-up for Wilbert, we wanted to say we’d be happy to play him even if he didn’t do damage, solely because he’s great fuel for Saintly Leader, so...why shouldn’t Leader the number one spot instead? Guardian Forest took the idea of Holy Lion and made it much more enjoyable. Now with UC we see more of it, Union Burst wants you to evolve and Aragavy can evolve for free, Creeping Madness is overall great but really wants you to get the most out of it by running both Natura and Pain cards (Unlimited Flauros just loves this card) and the possible lists Boar Pelt Warrior enables is also great. Now add in a fanfare that might as well say, “Evolve this for free in the late game when you need a free evolve the most. These effects give followers enhanced abilities if enough evolves were used while the card was in your hand. While there is no consensus on the best core list for now, it certainly has a lot of room to adapt as potential counters emerge. And this is all without even considering her Union Burst, which is a perfect fit for Natura Forest, and a slight late-game insurance for Aggro. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. In cases of board stalls, she wins you the game by offering you free trades a la Masamune, and when you’re ahead, she helps you solidify your lead and make it impossible for your opponent to come back. Aggro Blood will be remembered fondly just because it did so well against a couple of the Tier 1 decks. She’s not really a “worse Valnareik” or a “worse Yurius” because almost all her real value as a card is tied to her Union Burst, meaning she’s arguably a “better Lunatic Aether”. The Crystallize is excellent early game, and it acts as a finishing boardwipe late game, coupling with Absolute Modesty and Artifact Duplicator. This tier list shows our selection of the top Shadowverse decks you can use to compete with to maximize the chances of winning. Every other craft is pushing a package of some kind while Dragoncraft just has a set of seemingly unrelated cards. r/Shadowverse: Shadowverse is a digital card game developed by Cygames. View the full Shadowverse Meta Snapshot at the link below! to the March edition of the Tempo Storm Shadowverse Meta Snapshot! That's rough :( I wouldn't feel too bad though. Let’s just hope Spellboost doesn’t get out of hand again. Kind reminiscent of Seraphic Blade (narrow but powerful, not dead later in the game), although it gives your opponent a bit more control over its effect. Also not agree about Illya blood... She is just a terrible worse version of Valnarek. Not agree about sword. the snowball potential of the floating pp is actually ridiculous, it turns EVERY single portal follower into a must-remove and if you didn't draw removal in your hand to beat it then they will just snowball out of control. Absolutely. Sure, that’s about a year after the game released, but I’m not exactly new at the game and I’ve seen many sets and metas come and go. A massive patch could be just the medicine that Rotation needs. While I usually don’t play a lot of Shadowcraft, Youkai Shadow felt a bit different. New. Mana Portal, PP Portal, Void Portal. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I’m definitely interested to see how players can break this one by duplicating some amulets. Once I get the right combination of self damage and evolve cards, it should do well. Step into the arena and greet your foes in Shadowverse's 15th card set: Ultimate Colosseum. Shadowverse, Tier List. It is finally the last month of the Fortune’s Hand expansion, and also the final month for SVO! Gravity Grappler into Karula + Focus? Let’s jump into it! What do you think of the new cards? Close. Tempo Storm Shadowverse pro player Potwasher reveals a new Havencraft Legendary follower from the upcoming expansion Storm Over Rivayle! It always took a bit of luck to pull off and didn’t do well against just about every other deck, but that doesn’t stop this deck from solidifying itself into the Ultimate Colosseum Hall of Fame. Twelve health worth of ward over four bodies will slow down almost any deck, and she more or less promises a good chunk of damage going face next turn unless your opponent has a hard removal effect of some kind. In Shadowverse Ultimate Colosseum, Vertex Colony is pretty decent artifact support for Portal. Kuon puts in 4/6 worth of stats with storm, 4/5 worth of stats with ward, and is himself a slow 5/5. Or four damage at 7pp. 14. Arrow up! What will flop? We finally know all the cards that we’re getting in this set, so its time to see who came out on top and who got unplayable garbage. Halo Infinite Delayed & Shroud Is Back – Daily Esports Recap August 19, 2020,,, I'm a veterinary student based out of Illinois. The Crystallize is excellent early game, and it acts as a finishing boardwipe late game, coupling with Absolute Modesty and Artifact Duplicator. What we can say with confidence, however, is that if you are running a spellboost list, this card will be the reason why. This tier list shows our selection of the top Shadowverse decks you can use to compete with to maximize the chances of winning. I call it Reserve Portal. This spot belonged to Wilbert for the longest time. It still puzzles me why Cygames would give every class the mechanic except Portalcraft. Ultimate Colosseum finally changed the game in December 2019 for the better. This seems like an easy inclusion in the deck. Edit: At the same time, this does make it so if these packages can't stand on their own, they might just fall flat once the older cards rotate, Natura/Pain Blood packages might not feel it as both expansions were released one after the other but, and Even I'm tired of bringing it up, if Pain Blood doesn't get a wincon, it'll feel bad when Zeus rotates (if the final list runs him). maybe i'm wrong. Sword doesn’t have this issue a lot, so I could see it seeing play. The biggest winner is Forestcraft, which has a ridiculous amount of archetypes to choose from now. The official subreddit for the digital card game by Cygames. Finally, the finisher Bloodcraft has been begging for in Rotation. Instead we decided to own up to our mistake, and kept this section as is so you can laugh at us later. I enjoy (and sometimes stream) Shadowverse and MTG in my spare time. 14. Cheating out a Turn 7 Omniscient Kaiser is always satisfying, and as hard to do as you would think. Providing you a free mulligan if your early hand still sucks is very interesting. The idea of giving followers with either 1 attack or defense storm is absolutely bonkers. Community-ran. Because she’s one of the more bizarre cards in the game. At 9 pp, it is a bit slow, but this alone could be enough to push self-damage Bloodcraft into the meta (or at least make it tier 2). Forest was probably the hardest craft to comment on because so much of it was tied to the guardian mechanic. Each class has experienced quite a few shifts in playstyle and identity with this expansion. 40. Union Burst is one of the best new mechanics added to the game since launch, and it would be a shame if it is limited to Princess Connect characters and isn’t utilized in future sets. Hear the dragon's roar! The threat of dropping this card makes Pteranodons and Velociraptors a real risk to leave up, and those trades mean less damage face going face for the Dragoncraft player. I don't see any reason to run Zeus. Or even if you already have another Wilbert effect online. You don’t have to read much of this card to like it. Anvelt, Judgment's Cannon: Storm Over Rivayle Card Reveal .

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