var x = setInterval(function() { Launched: Registry: Tell us what you think the Shenzhou’s role will be in Star Trek Discovery in the comments section below. As of now, there are three crew assigned to the Shenzhou and just one to Discovery (Lt. Cmd. (DIS: "The Vulcan Hello", "Battle at the Binary Stars") All of the casting announcements were about characters on the USS Shenzou or on some Klingon vessel. Does that mean it’ll be a handy one too? Without docking systems, Shenzhou 1–6 carried different kinds of payload on the top of their orbital modules for scientific experiments. It seems that this would be an important piece of information, and a very specialized field of science. If the series does end up focused more around the crew of the USS Shenzhou than the crew of the Discovery, it could mean that Lieutenant Commander Rainsford, our protagonist, is operating covertly. At some point before 2249, the Shenzhou was launched from the San Francisco Fleet Yards at Earth. Captain Georgiou was unwilling to sacrifice the colonists of Sirsa III, leading to an armed standoff between the Shenzhou and the Enterprise. Stamets is an Astromycologist by training and specializes in There is enough room to carry an inflatable raft in case of a water landing, whereas Soyuz astronauts must jump into the water and swim. By that time, the Shenzhou had been decades old. Additionally, we believe the picture above is of the Shenzhou, and judging by the warp nacelles, this is a smaller class vessel. The first crewed launch took place on 15 October 2003 with the Shenzhou 5 mission. September 24 2017 Recognising the Juggernaut as a threat to Federation security, Anderson dispatched the USS Enterprise, under the command of the young Christopher Pike, to annihilate the planet's surface. Class: // Find the distance between now an the count down date The motto of its dedication plaque read "All existing things are really one." The commander sits in the center seat on both spacecraft. (DSC novel: Desperate Hours), In 2256, the Shenzhou conducted a mission to the homeworld of the Crepusculans, a pre-warp civilisation. The orbital module (轨道舱) contains space for experiments, crew-serviced or crew-operated equipment, and in-orbit habitation. Fortunately, L'Rell rescued Voq, and conceived of a conspiracy using the techniques of the House of Mo'Kai. In the uncrewed test flights launched, the orbital module of each Shenzhou was left functioning on orbit for several days after the reentry modules return, and the Shenzhou 5 orbital module continued to operate for six months after launch. Shenzhou (/ˈʃɛnˈdʒoʊ/;[1] Chinese: 神舟; pinyin: Shénzhōu) is a spacecraft developed and operated by China using Soyuz technology to support its crewed spaceflight program. Next we’re going to put together a list that is more speculative. (DSC novel: Desperate Hours), Soon after, Admiral Brett Anderson ordered the Shenzhou to Sirsa III to deal with an ancient, newly-awakened Juggernaut. var now = new Date().getTime(); These details are provided either by CBS on their Star Trek Discovery website or news sections, the Discovery production crew itself (including former showrunner Bryan Fuller, writers, the cast, and filming crew in Toronto), or are fair assumptions that can be made based on what data we do have, be that quotes, images, video, tweets, etc. (STO - Emergence missions: "Welcome to Earth Spacedock", "Spin the Wheel"). My first guess was this sounds a bit like Voyager – only with two or more isolated starships that are in distress or on a secret misson. (DSC episode: "The Vulcan Hello"), Following that mission, Anderson dispatched the Shenzhou to a binary star system on the outer edge of Federation space, at the border with the Klingon Empire, to investigate damage to an interstellar relay. var seconds = Math.floor((distance % (1000 * 60)) / 1000); We don’t know if the starship shown above even is the USS Shenzhou. Memory Beta articles sourced from episodes and movies, Memory Beta articles sourced from video games, Memory Beta articles sourced from Star Trek Online, The Butcher's Knife Cares Not for the Lamb's Cry,, Lieutenant Junior Grade Kamran Gant (until 2255). (DSC episodes: "The Vulcan Hello", "Battle at the Binary Stars"), The wrecked Shenzhou remained adrift for six months following the battle, at which point T'Kuvma's successors, Voq and L'Rell, boarded the ship in order to loot its dilithium processing unit to repair the Sarcophagus. It’s a possibility that because of the increased danger from the ongoing Romulan conflict that will be a backdrop for the series, Star Fleet could conceivably have developed a policy away from having solitary non-warships patrolling the more dangerous sectors, to having mini-taskforces of a more lethal warship (in this case the Shenzhou) and a smaller “escort” vessel, similar to what the U.S. Navy does currently. Its shape is a compromise between maximizing living space and allowing for some aerodynamic control upon reentry. Sarek is not likely to be a crew member of either vessel, though a likely passenger, and the three remaining official cast announcements are all Klingons.

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