AKs-74u: Lightweight AK carbine. Victory Imports did not have working Highground due to the bug listed above. This is mostly a problem with Windows Vista and up; try giving the folder write permissions or "Total Control". (Thanks to SS for the tip.). You can now disable equipment in a Quick Mission Maker pack. If a mission is failed once, your campaign is over. Report Status to TOC: Bonus based on the number of reports to TOC. You can now allow traps to spawn in QMM missions. Wait for me to launch ?the ?a ?grenade Bulk affects interaction speed (C2 placing/wedging door/toolkit use, but NOT restraining) and measures how big your equipment is. For SWAT 4 on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Voice Chat support. Girard ?Team Open and clear. Civilians may be Fearless. You can now use custom maps in a Quick Mission Maker pack. Crouching, moving slowly, and firing in short bursts keeps the targeting reticule tight and will make your shots more accurate. Killed a Hostage: Given when the team kills a hostage, be it by gunfire, sniper fire, less-lethal weapons or aids or breaching charges. It is required to run LaunchSEF.exe and other applications. ; in the campaign setup. Talk, ... Please refresh the page and try again. ... five suspects ... All weapons have been changed to have correct muzzle velocities. S10 Helmet: Offers protection from CS gas and pepper spray, as well as ballistic protection. I would need someone to produce the art assets for it, as I'm not an artist. From here, you can compile the source code with the CompileSource.bat and run the game with the LaunchSEF.bat. Deploy ?a wedge. LargeAimErrorRecoveryRate=8.0 Press [~] while playing the game to bring up the console, and then enter the code. However, the text he edits does not exist in my version of user.ini and nothing happens when I add it. For more information, see our Privacy Statement. The loading screen and dispatch are inconsistent. The next part is a bit trickier. Fall in on me. SP-ABomb Suspects may now employ a "random patrol", "wander" strategy and don't stick to their assigned rooms as often. However, you will achieve higher scores for not injuring civilians or suspects. Cut content restored: Conversation where Fields makes a sarcastic remark about this stuff "making your balls shrink", Cut content restored: Conversation where the team talks about the smell of the place. EDIT: forget the voice chat question, forgot about vent. See SpeechCommands.md for more information. Fall in. Clear that room. (Note, if you can't access this page, try using the Wayback Machine to access it.). They will continue following you or going towards their destination (even possibly attacking). Use spaces instead of tabs when aligning comments across multiple lines. It's been called the best way to play the game by most people, and I'm proud of that. Play with either a SWAT 4 + TSS or Extra Missions campaign. Briefing Voice-Over: LethalFeline (go check out his YouTube channel! Suspects are statistically worse, but make up for this in intelligence and cunning strategies. Talk, this is entry team. You can now use custom maps in the Quick Mission Maker. ;Since zero is perfect AimError, Max AimError is the worst AimError Get through there. As a trivial example, this will print three lines of text every 10 minutes: WebAdmin defaults to port 6000. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Keep it going, move and clear Entry team to talk. Clear ?it ?the ?that ?room with ?a gas ?grenade. After hearing about how great SWAT 4 is for years but never being able to acquire it legally, I snatched it up immediately when it went live on GOG yesterday. This mod uses very realistic values for the weapons, and ultimately it doesn't play well in PvP modes for those reasons. Everyone by default is assigned to the Guest role; it is not recommended that you give the Guest role very many powers, if any at all. ... cover ... MissionResultNames=SP-Tenement Your AI officers can also be ordered to optiwand around most corners. Squad. That type of speech usually works well for speech recognition. TEAM, COMMAND Come back ... which I found odd. MissionResultNames=SP-AutoGarage Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, These are curated missions which have voice acting, full maps, and scripting, and they are designed to feel like part of the original game. Unlocked when the SWAT 4 + TSS campaign has been completed at least once. Talk, this is entry team. Talk, this is entry team. Lastly, you need to determine what type of game you want to play. I'm sorry, but a thick french accent just isn't going to cut it. Includes a suppressed variant. Deploy pepper. The gunshot sound effects on Northside Vending and Amusements from the laundromat would not play correctly on the expansion (but would in the vanilla game). ... cuff ...", both saying "cuff", "Go over there and cuff that guy" and "cuff that idiot" will be recognized as the command for cuffing a person. ... five hostages ... Get in there. The player can carry armor and all helmet options in singleplayer. DamageModifier=(Min=3.0,Max=3.5) You can now issue BREACH commands on unlocked doors. If the game you want is not hosted via LAN, then you will need the SWAT4Stats server browser plugin. SEF started to expand rapidly in early 2016, with new team members such as Jose21Crisis, and Rangar, other members of the team, Engi and Sandman332 joined the ranks later on, helping with mapping and other inner-workings. Deploy pepperspray. Swat 4 weapon modication 1.0 ... Phasmophobia Voice Commands and Chat Requests Guide. Each type of order (team selection / commands) can be given separately, or combined in the following ways: For example, with speech recognition, officers can be ordered to cuff uncompliant suspects or hostages. You can probably change those to "0.0" as well, but I didn't test it. SP-Casino Incapacitated a fellow officer: Given when an officer incapacitates another officer, be it by gunfire, sniper fire, less-lethal weapons or aids or breaching charges. Download the assets from the link above. Open SWATEQUIPMENT.INI located in your SWAT 4 system folder (\Sierra\SWAT 4\System) with any text editor (notepad, wordpad) and find this string: MagazineSize=xxxx. -> "2770 Harrington Rd., The Stetchkov Warehouse"), Unlocks the ARWEN37 grenade launcher and the Colt Python pistol, Cut content restored: Conversation where Jackson says "The bomb squad missed all the fun.". I changed all the numbers following each entry to "0.0" except for LargeAimErrorRecoveryRate, SmallAimErrorRecoveryRate, and The command text can be "print " followed by a message to print a string to chat, or "ac " followed by an admin command to execute that command. Deploy pepper gun. A modification for SWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate. You can read it in more detail in the LICENSE file. ;AimError recovered per second until base AimError is achieved restrain ... them ... Only available in Multiplayer and All Missions campaigns. Morale has been modified across the board. Suspects weren't taking into account whether a door was locked or wedged when fleeing, which would lead to cases where they would try to open the door in an endless loop while running away. Come to me. Guys AI-Controlled Officers, when ordered to breach a room with a breaching shotgun, would shoot the lock, there would be a pause, and the lock would appear broken. More advanced console. CAUTION! If you don't know, I'm pretty sure this is included with SEF. then save it and open the SWAT 4 program and you should have the campaign complete (and access to all campaign maps. If you are pining for a particular feature of one of those, let me know and I will work on adding it! Learn more. It's main disadvantage is the massive weight of the plates, which slow down the user. Continue into ?that room. Talk, this is entry team. The player can select how many magazines they would like to bring in the mission. Developer Tip #4 Threshold Research Center had stupidly high max morale. You'll need the extra speed too, because incapacitated civilians that spawn around the map will die if you aren't quick enough, which will impact your score. As a warning, you can still be injured by being shot after doing this. Added a new quality: Insane. You're looking for the "System" folder where the executable and .ini files are located. Get her down SWAT 4 made it all the way to number 34 on IGN's Top 100 Shooters. PC Power Play also ran a nice overview of the mod. Wait for me to launch ?the ?a ?grenade Link to Speech Recognition Improvement by selecting a button and using the embed code provided. "Press ESC and debrief to exit the game" now shows on ALL missions, not just Food Wall, Fairfax Residence and Qwik Fuel missions. From here, go to the Host Game menu and start up a server.

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