Depending on the study guide provider (SparkNotes, Shmoop, etc. I had many favourite parts of imagery. All Right Reserved. She went to the University of Victoria and received her bachelor of arts for creative writing. The title of the book comes from one of a number of household tips and recipes belonging to her mother which appear as asides throughout the book, whilst the mother herself withdraws from reality and talks with her dead mother; leaving Beth to be sexually molested by her father...,,,,,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, 'Some first novelists tiptoe. This novel was a story about Beth maturing and finding her place in the world, and she successfully did with the help of her friends and family. Coyote’s new home, when he returned to the world was Billy. Detroit: Macmillan. The novel ends with Beth’s life returning to normal, with no influence of supernatural creatures. 123824&v=2.1&u=st16083&it=r&p=LitRC&sw=w>. Throughout the novel there are many of Beth’s mother’s recipes and folk remedies. Anderson-Dargatz, Gail. This is also the place where Beth saw Nora leave, which brings back memories, and how the blood trail chased her away. are 2 Short Summaries and 2 Book Reviews. Nora was constantly asking Beth if she wanted to leave, ““We could go. Maybe he was just an old drunk. The conflict between John and the Swede continues throughout the entire book, and progresses so far, that the Swede set fire to the Week’s flax field. 18 Feb 2011. John then went back into the woods to finish off the bear before it came back. The title, The Cure for Death by Lightning, is very symbolic and important in the novel. I felt him watching me, but when I turned and waved, he was gone” (Anderson-Dargatz 256-58). (****) Everybody thinks I’m a crazy man. My father took Coyote with him when (****) he killed himself. Bertha told Beth and Maud, ““John didn’t turn until that bear attacked. The children that go missing who live in the town are found in the bush, and they seem to have been killed by some sort of vicious animal. There have been many disappearances of children in the town and on the Indian reserve. I followed it here, to you, but it’s gone. That thing you (****) got following you – that follows me. Life is hard living on a farm. Also, all of Anderson-Dargatz’s books involve the characters living and growing up on a farm in the country. Makeshift worlds, friendship with some of the strangest yet most alluring and interesting people, unique culture and … Another author that Anderson-Dargatz can be compared to is Alice Munro, who writes stories about the relationships between humans in everyday life. The Swede and John disagree on their property line, and each thinks that they own a strip of land that is one foot wide by one mile long. Anderson-Dargatz. Bertha was the one who first told Beth what Coyote is capable of, and is the source for all the information Beth learns about Coyote. Also, the people cut back on everyday items like clothing because money was short. Beth saw Coyote Jack putting flowers on Sarah’s grave which could mean that he remembers what happened to her, but he did not want to hurt her; he was just being possessed by Coyote so he could not help it and he feels sorry that she died. The following is a quote about the description of the fence after John and Dan went out in the night and broke the fence. Coyote was able to possess Coyote Jack because Coyote Jack had spent a lot of time in the bush, which “‘makes you change shape, takes away your man-body, make you into an animal’” (Anderson-Dargatz 132). “‘I’m going to get that Swede,’ said my father. One day Beth was bringing in the cows during a storm and her arm was struck by lightning. This links back to Anderson-Dargatz’s life, because her husband is a bee keeper. Which she describes as, “the year the world fell apart and began to come together again” (Anderson-Dargatz 2). Bertha also has a granddaughter that always wears a bell necklace, which Beth is fascinated with. “Then I realized: the flax field was on fire! Beth, not wanting to give in and be afraid of Coyote fights back. I read the summary and I felt like I would enjoy her book. One time when Nora was visiting Beth, John walked into Beth’s room and Nora ran, “Nora leapt out of bed and, as my father marched into my room, Nora climbed out the window. One day when Bertha and her family came to visit, their visit was cut short when John showed up and Bertha complained that Billy and Dennis were not getting paid enough. He shook them off and kicked the Swede as he was getting up” (Anderson-Dargatz 148-149). Beth finds milking very relaxing, as it has a rhythm. Some say that Gail Anderson-Dargatz writes almost fiction-gothic, because of all the dark and evil parts in her books.,, 30 Nov 2005. n. pag. “My father got up so quickly that he stumbled over the empty stumping powder box I sat on when I milked. Anderson-Dargatz’s latest book is Turtle Valley which was published in 2007. Both men are destroying each other’s fences in the middle of the night and building their own in order to get this piece of land which they believe is their own. The trail of blood led over the field and into the bush, then into a clearing, where Filthy Billy stood with his back to me and his head down. A Recipe for Bees has a women who find bee keeping equipment, left by her mother, and started to become a bee keeper to help her find happiness in her life. One legend, which Coyote is the most known for, is when Coyote travelled to all the villages and demanded a wife from each village. John also became controlling, and can even be looked at as the devil of the house, or even linked back to the historical time; Adolf Hitler. Coyote has an awful thirst. [3] Fifteen-year-old Beth Weeks has to contend with her family's struggle against poverty but also her increasingly paranoid and aggressive father whose behaviour leaves the family as outcasts in the community. I laughed. The novel is filled with home remedies, recipes, and advice, but this story is not a pleasant tale of Beth’s life. Anderson-Dargatz, Anderson-Dargatz. The novel started off with the main character, Beth Weeks, by Turtle Creek. My mother brought the horses up and we all sat in the buggy for a while, watching the turtles swarm around us. This shows that Nora was able to get out of the house and out of sight quickly, almost like she disappeared, which connects her to Coyote. Please see the supplementary resources provided below for other helpful content related to this book. The novel is violent and disturbing, with dark supernatural abnormalities. “Tricksters: North American Tricksters [First Edition].”, Encyclopaedia of Religion. Bertha`s children and grandchildren all have something different about them. Beth is more confident with her ‘lightning arm,’ however, she is still afraid because she constantly sees Coyote Jack sneaking through the bush, and following her. Back in the “present day”, John is not the same. 8) Critical Articles (Secondary Sources): Quart , Alissa . Coyote Jack does not talk to anyone, and lives up in a Cabin in the mountains alone. Anderson-Dargatz’s book is very interesting and has many references to mystical creatures/spirits, and Indigenous legends. The person who was influenced the most by the spirit Coyote is a man named Jack. Print. There is nothing that can make Coyote stay in the spirit world, and he will always come back through the birth of a person or animal. Nora and Beth’s relationship is more motherly because of how Beth’s mother has failed as a mother. For instance, if you see a black cat, it is said that that is bad luck. One part that I really liked was the author’s use of imagery, which was breath-taking and beautiful.

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