It is at this point that it becomes painfully clear just how small and transient all of Larry’s middle-class malaise has been up to now, as he is about to lose the two things that matter most to a man: his son and his life. and try to make your best to… describe it. One of the most prominent revolves around language and sound. About the prologue – there are parallels between the gender roles like male is scientific (Larry, Velvel) and female is ritualistic (Judith, Dora) – but I think the scene is a red herring that allows a shallow view of the film to those who fall for it. A marriage that the lightly observant, suburban Jews that populate A Serious Man clearly take for granted.

We don’t know. I guess these things happened to them, to their friends as they were growing up in late-60s Minnesota. i think is just a Job’s retelling story. The Question and Answer section for A Serious Man is a great Seriously, THANK YOU…I learned a lot. I know what you meant me to understand. Stray observation: Rabbi Nachter’s tea cup. Or is is all just…? There were things about them that were irritating, but with their words, they delivered the message that God can’t be understood. – the jewish micro-cosmos (just as an example !! That connection between sex and God, between Larry’s loss of his family and his loss of any connection to God is especially vivid if you take into account the fact that rabbinical literature traditionally describes the relationship between the Jewish people and God as a marriage. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. The films considers how language often proves insufficient as a tool for communication and understanding; and how words misunderstood or out of their most welcoming contexts are often reducible to mere sounds. This is kind of a shadow of the question of whether God is real or not, because the presence of demons/devils implies the existence of a God, as well. One possibility is that the Gopnik family is infected by the malevolence of the dibbuk (though attacked and driven out, he had initially been INVITED under the couple’s roof, and evil, once invited, is almost impossible to purge). By the way, I think this is the clue of the scene when the (dead) lover of his wife brutally forces him to face the “truth”, by mobbing him to the huge pointless full of formulas blackboard. That’s why he doesn’t understand that the cat can be both dead and alive at the same time, only the certainty of the mathematics behind the idea. Written by people who wish to remain anonymous. Just keep in mind that there is an object "in discussion" (somewhere out of the corner of your eye! Because when a story begins, you don’t know that it will be about that and that (partly QM in or case), so the first scene has to be self-sustainable, as if the film would not continue. Please log in using one of these methods to post your comment: You are commenting using your account. Just saw the film for the first time tonight…and I’ve enjoyed reading your blog about the meaning and all of the follow up comments. Job is righteous and Larry is righteous and these trials are a test of that. Dora declares that Traitle Groshkover is already dead and mourned. Who made those carvings? Listening to Jefferson Airplane instead of studying. I was going to suggest that Larry’s diagnosis was determined before he changed the grade, so it cannot be punishment. Search within instead of without. It’s not a movie about religion at all. Ergo, we are essentially all just brain in vats, and we drive our own reality, literally creating our entire world, one atom at a time. Set in 1967, the film stars Michael Stuhlbarg as a Minnesota Jewish man whose life crumbles both professionally and personally, leading him to questions about his faith. Larry could not know that, of course, but his tendency is to blame himself for everything and seek meaning in random, unrelated events, a tendency which causes him to believe the opposite of what may actually have happened. will review the submission and either publish your submission or provide feedback. Seemingly serving as a visual metaphor for impending bad news, the final scene of the film shows a tornado making its way towards Danny’s school. Or to look at it in a more fatalistic, deterministic or matrixy way, as far as god was concerned he’d already made the choice to change the grade and so could have given him cancer at any point. This interpretation stroke me from the very beginning.

If our fates are determined by actions of our ancestors (there’s that action theme again) then why bother with religion in the first place? And not forget that the action of this movie was set at the time of the Six Day War. ", Obviously, what I'm saying is that the 3 rabbis from the film (less the old one, but him too, actually) are from the second category: "those who do not question them". Larry remarks that he didn’t do anything at high tension points in the film. The theme of counsel reveals that where we hope and expect to get it from may not end up being our best place to receive it. And the best advice would have been for him to shut Sy out of his home and his life. The mass difference between the kernel and the electron is huge.

Now you ask me: "holly patronizing fool, do you think that the Coens did & knew all that when they made the film?" Fagle, however, is focused on the tornado in the distance, and turns his head to look at Danny with neither comprehension nor interest. I felt like the prologue was a clear dramatization of Schrodinger’s Cat. A Serious Man – with its oblique opening set in a richly atmospheric but historically and geographically indistinct Polish-Yiddish past; and its sudden ending, where earlier reconciliations are thrown to one side as plot elements are introduced and left implying an uncertain and unwelcoming future – has faced each of these related criticisms. I love the film and its great to hear how people interpreted it.

The dentist goes on a long scholarly quest, but eventually gives up trying to find the answer.

Anyway, I’m not surprised this went unnoticed. Viewing the doctor ringing Larry with bad news and the tornado coming towards the school as God’s punishment is exactly the opposite of what the Coen Brothers are saying, in my opinion.

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