I hate to disagree with what your opinion of the book was, but I just want to add my two cents on a different perspective of the book.

I looked at Ellie, this person I’d known for barely three days. as a writer, i cannot understand how someone could write something like this and get it published. A road much like mine, lined with semi-detached Victorian villas with gabled roofs, mostly gentrified. Go.’ Watch her disappear around the corner. After Ellie gave birth to Poppy she let Ellie starve to death in the basement dungeon she had been kept in for the year and a half of her captivity. Faced again with the many unanswered questions about Ellie’s disappearance, Laurel finds herself looking back to the past once again. Thank you. what the fuck. I’ll take you home.

I think the ending that’s in the book is more realistic than the alternative ending. :). She’s excited, happy and open to new possibilities again. Laurel, her mother, along with the rest of her family was left with no answers in a case that failed to produce any leads. If this summary was useful to you, please consider supporting this site by leaving a tip ($1, $2, or $4) or joining the Patreon! oh my fucking god. I think it depends on what you’re looking for. when I was reading this thought provoking book, I personally thought that it was very anti-climactic soz x. oh my god this book made me so anxious i felt so dirty afterwards. I’ll tell them that I’ve been lost and that now I’m found. I’d be open to reading a different book of Jewell’s since I don’t think she’s a bad writer or anything, but the mystery in Then She Was Gone didn’t really do it for me. Jewell sincerely tries to tackle the subject of the family struggling from the weight of their loss, and it gives the book a little more heft. She looked almost pretty. Soon they would be back together again. I don't think I'll continue reading the book. Then, on Christmas Eve, feeling that Laurel has formed a tight enough bond with Poppy to take her seamlessly into her life, he leaves Laurel a video and drives to the countryside to kill himself. preach it sister! But if you’re looking for more of a suspense novel with serious family drama undertones, then you might like this! I found an old makeup bag of yours and she applied some mascara, rubbed some colour into her waxy cheeks. When it turns out it’s exactly what you think it sounds like, that’s a little disappointing. So glad I stumbled onto your site. A few days later my editor and I sat together in a slightly rubbish pub in the city and she said, we have a radical suggestion. Noelle shared custody of Poppy with Floyd until Floyd tried to get permanent custody. The buzzing in my head grew louder and I slapped my hands over my ears, clasped my cheeks. And I promise.’, This came from her like a stream of consciousness. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I’d much prefer to be surprised. And within this stranger was the essence of everything that mattered to me and the potential to take a can of petrol to it, to blow it all to ash and rubble.

Rivers of tears rolled down Ellie’s cheeks, but she didn’t say a word.”. This book is incredible and just because this is has some morbid details, doesn't make the book horrible at all, in some cases it makes it amazing. Should I still give it a go or try something else less predictable? She will not miss him at all. I loved the woman in the window and definitely gonna check out the other two you recommended. i literally just finished it and i feel sick to my stomach. Because this might be it. Must read this book!!! Just make yourself look pretty and wait here.’.

All the while Floyd is planning to return Ellie to her family. I’ve been meaning to read something of hers for a while, and this one kept catching my eye so I picked it up a while ago though I still keep seeing it around.

How could I send this story out into the world without a happy ending? Ellie Mack was the perfect daughter. And then, there is her mother. December 14, 2017 // Books // books / crime and thriller / December 2017 / fiction Then She Was Gone was meant to have a happy ending. Laurel’s life has been on hold in many ways since her daughter’s death, but she meets a new man, Floyd, and finds herself drawn in by his charm. She and her boyfriend made a teenaged golden couple. Then she sits. I think I was expecting something similar to the other recent mystery bestsellers like The Wife Between Us or something like that. It’s red slub silk, with a fitted bodice and a full skirt. SPOILERS for Then She Was Gone by Lisa Jewell. Yes, I said. I swear. Then finally, after a few days, he agrees to take Ellie home. When Poppy’s at school. He cannot afford to get the emergency services involved. And for Floyd to just dump Poppy and kill himself....didn't feel like an honest end to his story. Ellie holds her breath, holds it deep deep down within herself. She’s wearing it with the shoes he bought her to go with it; green suede pixie boots with a small heel. I’m guessing this is decently representative of her work, so if you think that’s what you’re interested in, go for it! View cookies policy. She stands.

Right there. I wanted to unlock the doors of my car, reach across her, open her door and softly say, ‘go on then.

He has a dead body in his house. It had an elasticated waist. That all said, Lisa Jewell’s writing is on par or better than your average mystery-thriller writer, I think. Floyd has been less attentive, spent less time with her. Didn’t understand how Ellie die until now. I liked this book, and thought I’d figured it out towards the end that it may have all wrapped up as an actual work of fiction written by Floyd, who was a writer… that it was all just a story in a book. The plot sounds interesting, but there weren’t many surprises? Poppy is lovely and precocious … and looks so much like Ellie that it can’t possibly be a coincidence. Her suitcase was on the back seat. While the mystery and suspense of what happened to Ellie is absolutely at the forefront of the book throughout the entire novel, the resolution of Ellie’s disappearance is more straightforward than I had been hoping for. She clears her throat and rearranges her legs. Floyd said, ‘I’m leaving. I couldn’t, I simply, simply could not live without her. She was beloved by her parents, friends, and teachers. This ranks for me as a pretty average mystery novel, so I don’t know that I’d really recommend it. I still think I want to try one more of her books, especially now that I have some idea of what to expect going into it. I’ve read two other Lisa Jewell novels (Watching You and I Found You), and have been a bit wary about this one. There he keeps her for another year while he builds her back to health and forms a relationship with Laurel. To your mother.’. I don’t know that it says anything really groundbreaking, but it gave the characters more dimension. And I won’t, I swear, I won’t tell them about you or about Poppy. I’m on board with her editor on this one. I put the car into gear and I drove us both home. This is a thriller/mystery book, I didn't expect flowers and sunshine to come out of this book in the end. I can see why she’d want to write it that way to give it a happier ending, but I think the ending that her editor steered her towards makes more sense. I read this book and tossed it in the Garbage.

She could tell there was something not right, but she couldn’t pin down what it was.

Ellie dying and decaying in Noelle's basement until the neighbors complained about the stench is gruesome - ghastly. I emailed it to my editor and waited to for her response. Please post a comment and let me know what brought you to my corner of the web.

Floyd has been the best he possibly could be under the circumstances. A fine place for the mother of my child to reside. ‘No.

After this episode, Floyd brings Ellie back to his house and takes her to his basement. I'm glad I read this. See the archives.

This book has incredible detail and I've read Lisa Jewell's books before, and I truly think it's completely unfair of you to discredit someones work that took them a long period of time to write, process, think, and create. Ellie's math tutor kidnapped Ellie and forced her to get pregnant with sperm she got off of the internet. Then she stands again. It used to sleep for whole cross country car journeys and then awake the moment we crossed the line into our suburb, its ears and tail erect, quivering at our approach with its snout at the window.

We were just watching it slowly play out. But anyway, I’ve been busy with some life stuff and with revamping some stuff on the site, so I haven’t had a ton of time for reading. Obviously, if you haven’t read it, it will spoil part of the book, so don’t click on that link until you’ve read the book. She sat upright and keen, reminding me of a dog we’d had in Canada, a terrier thing. For the Detailed Plot Summary, click here or scroll all the way down. It was easy to do, her life was easy to dismantle, because she had not had a life, not really. And as I wrote it I cried. She cried at the mention of her mother. She’s known it for weeks.

Your email address will not be published. She paired it with another jumper of mine, a soft grey cashmere one. My reaction to the book was an echo of yours. SPOILERS for The Husband Hour by Jamie Brenner, SPOILERS for After Anna by Lisa Scottoline, SPOILERS for Then She Was Gone by Lisa Jewell, SPOILERS for The Good Liar by Catherine McKenzie. Not now.’. I wrote this scene, on a cold December afternoon, after weeks of building up to it, months of knowing it was going to happen. if you have this comment, thank you for your time, GOODNIGHT EVERYBODY !!!!!!!! But someone’s coming for you. It’s a quick read :), Great review! The WHSmith Blog Cookie Policy: To give you the best possible experience, this site uses cookies. Hmmm…I mean you might like it, anyway. October 22, 2020October 22, 2020  /  Books. No. If you’re looking for a mystery-thriller, here’s some I liked: The Silent Patient, In the Woods, The Woman in the Window.

‘Here,’ she said, pointing at a road opposite. There’s a few instances of plot points where seems like the book is pointing in a specific direction, but since it’s a mystery, I kept expecting to be wrong about it. I cried too. She’s applied a full face of makeup. But If ever I’m in the mood for family drama then this looks like something to try. Ellie's math tutor kidnapped Ellie and forced her to get pregnant with sperm she got off of the internet. I certainly wasn’t bored reading it, but the twists and turns weren’t twisty enough for my liking.

Yeah I’m open to reading another book of hers, but I’m not sure if her style is up my alley — we’ll see though! So she and another editor locked themselves away in an office and brainstormed it for a few hours. Jewell writes about the original ending of the book (spoiler), which her editor steered her away from in a blog post. I won’t ruin it for anyone who hasn’t read it yet, but, ummm, yuck. Ellie is close to death but instead of calling an ambulance, Floyd takes her home. I absolutely believed her.

And then my head began to buzz with the enormity of everything. I wrote it and instead of euphoria, instead of tears, I felt nothing, other than maybe a sense of, hm, that was a bit weird. Soon Ellie would be free and everyone would be happy. But she cannot bring herself to crystallize her suspicions. Her own mother. And Ellie says; mum, mum. She was desperate to keep her boyfriend, Floyd, but couldn't keep a pregnancy. I felt hugely, remarkably emotional at the prospect of taking her back, this poor caged creature. She is wearing the dress that Floyd gave her for Christmas.

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