", Michelle had no problem hitting her mark on returns, but she would have liked a tad more pop. We’ve not updated the about page recently but at the moment, Tom is still using his Wilson Pro Staff 97 in stock form, Larry uses Head Graphene 360 Speed Pro in stock form, and I (Will) am using the Babolat Pure Strike 97 18 x 20 2nd Gen, which is leaded up to 315g. However, we couldn't resist weighting an Ultra Tour up a little, and I found the racquet much improved. Wilson Ultra Tour Racquet Customer feedback. I could absorb power from my opponents and redirect it or return it with soft touch. We might just have been using it for that video. TennisHub is a tennis business driven by passion for the game. My own is 12 ounces with a 6.5 HL balance with 17g natural gut mains at 53 lbs and a poly cross at 51 lbs, rubber band and overgrip. I don't understand the justification of charging $250 for this quality of a racquet.From:Anonymous, 8/24/17, Comments: Just demoed this racquet for about 2 hours. This frame feels exactly like the almighty Wilson h19 pro stock. Went with a thin gauge poly at around 48lbs. Strung with Luxilon ALU Power at 50 lbs. That would make it ideal, and even though I am using the current 18x20, I'd almost certainly get new ones! And I did! The Wilson Ultra Tour is a racquet for the semi-advanced to advanced player who’s open to playing around with some lead tape to find the ideal specs. Just would like to hear your thoughts on how you would go about doing it? A bit stiffer in the head compared to the Head Pro Tour 630 but the same awesome feel. ", "This was the fourth part of the playtest, and like the prior three portions, I loved this frame when I was hitting returns," said Mark, who simply couldn't find anything wrong with the Ultra Tour. Cheers / J. The Ultra Tour 95 Countervail provides exceptional precision from the baseline. In contrast to your preference I prefer that distinct sweetspot feel of the Ultra Tour over the more muted K7 Lime. Its combination of an 18x20 string pattern, forgiving beam, 97 square-inch head size, low 11 oz string weight, standard length and substantial 320-ish swingweight complemented my game anywhere near the net. =), What’s in my bag: – Angell Custom TC97 – Babo Pure Strike 16×19 – Prince Phantom 100, Hi Thomas, Three great racquets in common then Enjoy your tennis! A heavier 16x19 version would be nice as well. I said almost because the paint quality control is not very good. I love the design and the shiny finish looks great but I do agree that it scratches and scuffs really easily. This one needs lead and more lead. Required fields are marked *. I was a big fan of the Wilson Ultra Tour when it came out. She said, "What I appreciated most about this racquet was being able to block big serves back without really worrying that the ball was going to float out. Cheers / J. Hello, How the UT should feel, If you only change the main grip with a leather one – be more maneuverable? Your email address will not be published. Switched to the Blade 18x20 along the way but just couldn't follow the Blade line into the more recent Countervail version as it seemed dull and spongy to me. Just hit my first hour with the WUT. You have to swing through with a lot of speed, and you really work for all the power and spin that you get with this racket. Things got better the more I got used to the racquet and was able to adapt my game, but I rarely served as well with this racquet as I do with my regular racquet. TennisHub:S$230.00, Promotion: With its dense string pattern, head light balance, thin beam and buttery flex, Wilson's Ultra Tour has many of the ingredients found in a traditional player's racquet. I was impressed with how forgiving the racquet was while still having good touch. Tried this yesterday and it took me 15 odd mins before I got used to the power and launch angle (currently playing with the pure aero 2019 it was a very different experience) and while its definitely underpowered I loved being able to hit out with it and I could hit my targets in very windy conditions with decent power. In my opinion, it's better than the PT630 and all the other classic frames. Just a little squirt on the cloth and some elbow grease gets out even the toughest scuff! All aspects of my game have improved slightly now.From:James, 6/16/18, Comments: I demo'd this racket two times to make sure I really liked it. However, if you are able to generate your own power, the Ultra Tour will maximize that potential, that is, hitting your hardest and keeping shots in control. I haven’t tried this Ultra Tour yet and was wondering if you think it may hit and feel like the PB10 Mid with the right customization? You would need to customize it up to your desired spec but you will get more forgiveness there. Best "Wilson" racquet ever. You'll find more information on cookies at, Stay up to date on arrivals and special offers. Yeah, the tFlash 300 is rather stiff. If you can generate your own power and have proper form, you'll love this stick. Wilson Ultra Tour 97, Wilson Ultra Tour 97 (4 3/8) $85.00 + shipping . The demo was strung with Wilson Sensation strings. The Ultra Tour brings added precision to the versatile Ultra franchise. If so, what did you think? From: Geoff, 7/10/19, Comments: Got to demo this racquet a few days ago. As I grow older, I gradually gravitate towards lighter racquets with better sweetspot, control and greater feel without the stiffness and without losing too much stability. The Tour maintains the quick manoeuvrability of the Ultra 100CV, so you can get into position quickly, but improves on the crisp feel you get at the net. With that I got a swingweight extremely close to my Angell TC95. It makes the game so much easier for me. Coming from the Wilson BLX Tour 95, quite a change. The racquet felt comfortable right away, but match play results were mixed at first. And now it is the Ultra. Soo smooth and easy to swing. The result is more torsional stability and directional control as well as a slight increase in stiffness in the throat which helps to boast power. The only people I could see not really getting on this racket are those people that love a really involved feel from their racket. Troy: 5.0 lefty all-court player with a full Western Forehand and a two-handed backhand. I was so close to buying the Vcore Pro 97 but nothing can compete with the feel that this racquet has. Nice flex. / 625.81 sq. Especially since you rarely need to buy just one. I am curious about the setup, it seems stock(without lead). Hi, I think it is best to start small. From most areas of the court I found lots of control and feel, and just enough power. I string it with Kirschbaum Pro Line II 17g in the mains at 52 pounds and Technifibre NXT 16g at 54 pounds in the crosses. It has enough weight to be stable at the net but not so much that it feels too heavy. This frame, i'm much quicker, and i have time to take full swings and really punish the ball. If you want to hit a modern power game however, the Blade 98 might be a better choice. Chris uses a full-western forehand grip, has a fast swing style and hits a one-handed backhand. I usually end up with the Solinco Hyper-G, but that’s because it’s my go-to string of choice. With a racquet that provides great control and a comfortable feel I can be more aggressive, without having to fear the jarring sensations I get from stiffer racquets. I recently concluded my demo of the Ultra Tour strung with all Solinco Tour Bite. Thanks for your great work! This frame will reward strong players who can generate high swing speed with surgical accuracy, excellent stability, and a very heavy ball. Orders usually ship in 3-5 working days, subject to stock availabilty. Very comfortable and control oriented stick. I hope you find what you are looking for! Despite it being a bit lighter than my normal spec, I really didn't have any issues with stability. Hi, I’m a fan of the Angell TC 97 Custom Cheers / J, OMG Tennisnerd. ", Troy- "This Wilson Ultra Tour racquet reminded me of some of the older Head racquets I have hit with over the years. It's tough, because we were playtesting this alongside the new Pure Drive, which I loved on serves.

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